May 15, 2008

Magnus zine

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A zine on Mr. Norris would be interesting to say the least. Or maybe a hospital adventure?

February 18, 2008

Whitney - Sketchbook Post #4


Hey Guys.. So the idea for my zine is random facts of life, but I'm only using non-cliché, lesser heard, humorous ones. The picture is the cover of the zine, (the quote is actually an original from my grandpa-hehe) and the rest of the zine will contain facts that are just as ridiculous. I don't want to list the quotes on here and lose the surprise. The sketches will be very whimsical and mostly cartoonish.

Nikki_Sketchbook 4


I have a lot of ideas going through my head about this project but the one that I included sketches of is a favorite meal of mine. It's what I like to call mac-n-beans and its mac and cheese with baked beans. I wanted to do a zine of what mac-n-beans is, how to make it and how to eat it.

Some other ideas i have are a roommate zine...with different types of roommates you can have. For example I was thinking "the messy roommate" "the invisible roommate" and others. I was thinking of calling this zine, What's Your Brand?

Clarissa-Sketchbook Post #4

I think I'm sold on an idea for my zine. but input on it would be fantastic. So my idea was to take some of my favorite songs, and pick out my favorite lines from them and illustrate kind of what they mean to me or what I think about when I hear the lines. I'm sure this goes for everyone but I'm pretty into music and I guess the main part I like is the lyrics as opposed to the "beats" so I thought it would be a cool and collective way to express myself.

Charles' Sketchbook Post #4

The idea behind my zine is not yet final, but my goal is to find someway to link the lifestyle of a barber or something else...I am open to any ideas!

Emily SB4


Question: what's more conceptual than time travel?
answer: nothing!
This idea sprung from a debate with my boyfriend over what was more conceptual: time travel or Star Trek. Time travel won.
I also decided to name my zine after my blog so that if i decide that zines are the love of my life and I just need to make more, they might bring more traffic to my blog.


David Rausch - Sketch 4 Zine Idea

My idea is illustrating parkour aka freestyle walking. I believe it was started in France by a guy named David Belle. The objective of freestlye walking is to get from point A to point B in as straight a line as possible. If something is in your way you climb over it rather than go around it. It's pretty simple, but some of these guys are absolutely amazing adding flips and Jacki Chan moves to it. My idea is to use a figure (I'm thinking the And1 guy) and show him on a journey through a city climbing up things and jumping over things. I think it could be really cool and informative. There a quite a few videos out there so if you're interested check them out!

Zine Idea-Natalie Olbrantz

Alright! So my idea for my zine is to do "things that are the color of orange". I have a pretty big list and if you guys can think of anything unique that is orange let me know! I'm thinking about illustrating all of it in black and white, and after printing it all off I'm going to go through and scribble an orange highlighter across everything. I think it'll be pretty funny when it's done, but let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas! I'm pretty open to anything! Also, I posted just a few sketches of things that are orange...ex: finding nemo, ernie, carrots (on fire!), etc.

Matt Wenger - Post#4


For my Zine I'm going draw what the music I listen to looks like. So it will be very much like a "visual mixtape" in a sense. This is a quick little sketch I drew and it's based off of a song by Jib Kidder, called "The Return". The song sounds very hip-hop heavy, but is also like a mash-up. On top of this hip-hop like beat there are choppy cuts thrown in of Phil Collins yelling or screaming (or singing, maybe). But, I think it's from a Tarzan song he was singing so that explains the gorilla with a confused muttering look on his face. Then there is some childish dialogue that comes in and out of the song as well, so thats the reasoning for the girl holding the mic up to the gorilla. The rest is just meant to look hip-hop-ish.

Paul Sketchbook #4

So for my Zine I plan on basing it around complete misinformation on a wide range of topics. This idea came from watching the BBC mini-show "Look Around You", wherein a seemingly real edutainment video completely lies to your face. The Look Around Yous are so well done that I think it would be a great idea to try and pull something like it off in Zine form.

As for the illustrations, I was thinking about creating the entire thing as if it were an airline safety manual. So it would just be really simple people with blank smiles on their faces, taking part in completely misleading tutorials on everything.

February 17, 2008

Laura Sketchbook Post #4


I've always prided myself on being able to find joy in simple pleasures. I believe it is not necessary to spend oodles of money just to have fun. The concept for my Zine is: Fun things you can do with 99 cents. The point of it is not only to give ideas of something to do, but hopefully inspire people to try something new and create memories with others while engaging in silly little activities. I figure this Zine will jive well with Minneapolis because this city is full of broke college students and poor homeless people, who all need to have a little fun.

Some of my ideas are:
-Try a unique fruit: at your local grocery store, check out the produce section for something that looks unfamiliar. Purchase, explore, enjoy.
-Give money (99 cents) to a street musician: scope out the city for your favorite guitar player, trumpet blower of overturned-bucket beater.
-Get a (temporary) tattoo: since tattoos are totally bad-ass, and real ones cost a lot, try one out for yourself, test out your inner punk, then wash it off later.
-Buy a lottery ticket: hey it could happen, but even if it doesn’t, see who you can fool with an over-the-top reaction

My Zine will feature a small illustration of each idea. In addition to that, one of the relevant key words will be pulled out of the description and turned in to an illustration also. That’s what the sketches above are of.


"YOU KNOW YOU'RE A DESIGNER WHEN...." refuse to purchase products that have poorly designed packaging.

Hi guys, for my zine I am doing a collage/illustrated piece called "You know you're a designer when..."

Each page will present the reader with a one liner and visual depiction of a particular something that designers are known for, or characterized by. Because there will be over a dozen of these scenarios, each page will have a different look and feel. I plan on using a combination of hand-written and printed text as well as collaged photos and illustrations.

Feel free to shoot me some good ones if they come to mind!

Kaitlin-Post #4


I was digging around for something I saw at the Nash Gallery, and instead found a goldmine of zine inspiration. It is a digital gallery of Public Health awareness posters from 1919-my topic is germs-it all comes together. What I found most interesting is the contrast between posters aimed at men and posters aimed at women. They are not unlike advertisements today as far as sex and gender roles.
But all the information is so blatant and dated, that it seems satirical. I was shocked at some of the poster stated, SHOCKED I tell you.
What I like the best about the posters is the graphic style/layout and illustrations, I'm going to soak some of that in, zine it up a bit, and relate it to rhinovirus instead of gonorrhea.

Also, my roomate loaned me some books on microbiology. So, public health propaganda posters from 1919 plus modern day microbiology textbook minus antibacterial handsoap multiplied by preschool= my zine.

February 16, 2008

Ellie Drotning- Post #4

Hey everyone- These are some initial sketches for the charter/narrator of my zine. Then genreal concept of my zine is a sort of etiquette/advice book from a sassy grandma character that is loosely based on my own grandmother. It's going to have little domesticity tidbits like how to set a table, how to get out stains, a couple recipes, and cooking tips all provided by a very funny, but very snotty old woman who's stuck in the time when the woman's place was in kitchen. She's the kind of old lady who says things like (and this is straight from the lips of my grandma), "You don't know the difference between a dish towel and hand towel?!? Who were you raised by? WOLVES!?!", and "The best kinds of salads are made with jello and cool whip.", "Get your elbows off the table or I'll SMACK 'EM OFF!" It's almost going to be an Emily Post-type etiquette book with a humorous twist. That's the idea anyway. Since the grandma is such an important element in the zine, I want to make sure she fits the part, so these are some sketches of how she might look. My favorite is definitely the upper left-hand sketch, she'll probably end up looking very close to that. Take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!

meher-sketchbook post #4

i'm really excited about zines! REALLY EXCITED! as it so happens, just last week a friend of mine recommended a zine to me, and then went ahead and brought me a copy to read. it's called "doris" and is by a woman who used to live in minnesota. i read issue #12, and there were some exciting references to minneapolis in it. this particular zine seems to focus on issues of sexual abuse and women's rights. i was given issue #12 because it's not as focused on politics, as my friend says. but it was still a lot of fun to read.

i found the doris zine creator's website ( if you'd like to take a gander at some of the covers, which i think are spectacular. there are also some links to other zines of interest on there, and you can buy a doris zine too. i'm really interested in looking at some different zines now, with different subject matter. it seems that while a lot of them follow a kind of booklet format, every one is different in presentation of material.

Micki Sketchbook #4: My Zine idea

I have my idea picked out already and the first photo you see is my cover page. It will be about my brother's doll TAZ sneaking out of his bedroom and going on an adventure through 3 unreal worlds. The worlds are LOONEY TUNES, DR. SEUSS, and WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. that is what the second photo consists of. The 2nd and 3rd pages are drawn out. the 2nd page is on the bottom of TAZ sneaking out the bedroom and the 3rd page is above that and it shows TAZ contemplating where he will be going (almost like he were playing a board game) I don't know if I want to add text into some of the images, but rather just draw/paste certain images on each page and let the reader think of what is going on in each image. give me any suggestions that you think would benefit my idea. thanks!