February 28, 2008

Whitney-Sketchbook #5

So I was looking today and realized that my post from last weekend wasn't up (but my artist was..hmm) so I figured I'd repost it. It's a funny video I found on youtube about how to make a zine. He doesn't make it the same way we are, his is only 8 pages, but I thought it was still interesting and funny. It is ridiculously ridiculous and it made me laugh. And I thought it was very relevant at this point in time. I can't remember how to post the actual video on the blog so I'm posting the link.

February 27, 2008

Chelsey: Post 5: Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey has influenced allot of many of the movies, themes, and illustration styles that we have all become familiar with. He is one of my favorite, FAVORITE illustrators, and I'd like to just take this opportunity to say, "DIBS!
Edward Gorey.jpg

February 26, 2008

David Rausch Post 5

Like the dove commercial, but this one is a little bit more disturbing. Makes me wonder if I've ever thought a guy was hot without knowing it was a guy. If you think that comment was weird, watch the video. That idea scares me.

Revolution - A Response To Dove Evolution - For more amazing video clips, click here

February 25, 2008

matt Wenger - Post#5

Here is a great little animation short that I've been enjoying as a break from homework. This is only half of the video, but if you like this then it's easy to see the second part on youtube, under "danish poet 2/2". This animation short won last year's "short animation film" award at the Oscars. It's not hard to see why when you watch it.

So, I decided to save you the trouble of looking up the second half of the video, it is now right here on our very own blog!

Ellie Drotning- Post #5

Duh Ellie... if the scanner is broken, use your digital camera. Thanks Heba.

Clarissa Post5: Its All Happenin at the Zoo


So for my zine I'm working on Illustrating the great works of Simon and Garfunkel. I kind of just want it to be fun and light so I thought I would use my favorite songs and try to portray and illustrate how great they are. So for my cover I'm using a silhouette of them because Garfunkel's hair was definitely a trademark. I'm pretty excited for my final outcome

meher-sketchbook post #5

my zine, as some of you know already, is about being sneaky. it's something that i've always excelled at, and it's usually unintentional. but it happens a lot anyway. well, i've been thinking of ways to incorporate my own personal sneaking experiences into my zine, but it seems that the sneaking i do is on a small scale. relatively. i mean, most people don't sneak as much as me, but if i were to make a zine about it, i kind of feel like it should be epic sneaking. anyway, i've been checking out images of sneaking and thinking of sneaky scenarios to include.

there's different levels of sneaking that can be conveyed in an image. for instance, there's the actual act of sneaking, that could look something like this:

then, you have the "i got caught sneaking":

(and really, who better to illustrate that than britney spears?)

and also, we have conceptual sneaking. i know a guy named peter, and he has a van. it's name is sneaky pete. in fact, "sneaky pete" is written on the side of it. i don't know, it seems that you can't get any sneakier (or shadier) than a salmon and cream-colored van with no windows in the back that's named sneaky pete. by the way i'm totally serious. i have pictures. but my point is, without the concept of being a sneaky van, it probably couldn't possibly have been sneaky, ever, in it's life, because nothing could stick out more.

that brings me to another point. there is a difference between being sneaky and being creepy.

i'm still working on incorporating different styles of sneaking into my zine illustrations, but i seem to be getting better at it. if i ever get a chance to use a scanner, i will put up some of my illustrations so far.


Kaitlin-Post (slightly irrelevant) #5


Who loves paper dolls? Me. Only, I forgot about how much I love them until today. I used to play with my grandma's old mini collection when I was little. Then one day, I went to jr high and was introduced to the wonderful world of cheap nailpolish, The Backstreet Boys and Nintendo 64. Oh, glory days.
But no fear, tweeners in jr high have their own virtual paper doll website now. It's so scary. At you can dress celebrity 'paper' dolls, fictional characters, and even yourself if, you sign up to be a member.
I spent about 15 minutes changing Simon Cowell's clothes and finding a head shape that resembled my own. Then I got bored.
The whole thing reminded me of collage, and zines, and my grandma's paper doll. So all I really want to do now is make my own actual paper dolls. Like the one above. Or not. Future project? I hope so.

Eduardo Post5: zin.

Eduardo Cortes.
So this is one of the sketches for my zin. Its is a screen print i did a long time ago and thought i could use it in a different way but it will be obviously black and white when I make the copies. My zin is about defining the diferent styles of electronic music or like most people call it "techno". i'll have images that represent each style of electronc music as well as some examples of songs (text). The sketch posted here will probably represent one of the styles of music which is psytrance. it is all crazy and whatnot just like the music. anyways this is just an example. drawings wont be so similar its going to be kind of random but in a way that it unifies the whole zin.

February 24, 2008

Emily Graupner

Hello. My original idea was to create a music play list and illustrate what I visualize when I listen to it. However, my images hardly depict the actual meaning of the songs, so I thought I’d just continue to use my music as stimulus for my drawings; listening to music is a great way for me to get creative. Now I’m focusing my zine on a series of character profiles of deviant or quirky behavior. I plan on doing a collage in the background of my black and white images. I would really appreciate if anyone had any suggestions to solidify this concept. (I'm not finished with is drawing either; note the wonky hands, etc.)

Charles O. Sketchbook Post #5

These are 5 of the 15 sketches in my barbershop zine!

Zine-Natalie Olbrantz

Okay, so here are a few sketches of my final zine. I'm almost done with ten for tuesday! I'm just trying to get the best ideas for the color of orange because there are so many things! Thanks for the awesome feedback, and if anyone knows where a reasonable place to print color would be LET ME KNOW! :-)


Hi guys, here's a taste of what several of my pages look like. The zine will open upwards like a sketch book, and the cover will bear the title, "You know you're a designer when..." as well as sketches and other designerly elements.

All the pages will have the grid paper as the background and will be collaged and hand drawn. I've had a lot of fun deciding what kind of scenarios to depict for each of the page and collecting the appropriate imagery.

Nikki_Sketchbook 5

DSC02852.JPG DSC02854.JPG

The zine that I have decided on is a literal interpretation of facebook. I have taken images from facebook and put them in the backround of each page to add depth to the zine. I am going to do my illustrations over these images. Things that will be in there are the basic vocabulary of facebook; poke, tag, wall, etc. The definition of each word will be in the text bubbles on each page.

February 23, 2008

Paul Sketchbook #5

So I think I've solidified the style for the illustrations for the zine. Just so you know, this book is going to look like its an instructional booklet for a new bike owner, only all of the information is completely wrong.

For example, the guy on the cover is from the "When riding in traffic, offer everyone high fives" page.

Now I just need to churn out the rest of the drawings...

Micki Post 5: My Zine update

These are my new drawings from thursday, and I wanted to share them with the rest of the class. I have set up the order of how my zine will go and titled all my pages. I plan on using ballpoint black pen for most of my pages-hopefully it will look good. the picture isn't perfect so sorry about that but hopefully you can get an idea as to what I will be doing. TAZ will be traveling through 3 worlds (Looney Tunes, Dr. Seuss & Where The Wild Things Are) and then come back home before sunrise. I plan on adding some text on the pages where TAZ is about to move on to the next world, in order to help guide the reader/viewer along. any suggestions would be great if u have any! thanks :)

February 21, 2008

Laura Sketchbook Post #5


I thought I'd share my experience here because it reminded me of the Urban Explorers Infiltration zine Heba mentioned a while ago. They were the people who break in to off-limits places for one reason or another, and document it.
Well, for my photography class, our current assignment is called "Sense of Place" where we document photographically a place that we find interesting. I chose the Guthrie theater since it is totally amazing. Anyway, I pretty much exhausted all the possible pictures of public lobby areas (the only places where you are able to take pictures) but I was looking for more. I enlisted the help of one of my roommates who is a BFA theater major. They have class at the Guthrie sometimes and therefore have special access to special areas. So Danice and I covertly snuck around (my camera concealed under my coat) to snap a few pictures of the trap doors and back hallways. When we made it in to the McGuire Proscenium it was soooo hard to secretly take pictures since someone was always on stage plus people were doing sound checks and stuff. I had no opportunity to actually set up my tripod and use a correct shutter speed for these dark areas. So we left, and I had bad pictures.
So then I thought, how would I be able to be allowed into these theaters to take pictures without jumping through hoops for permission and whatnot? I wrote myself a permission letter "signed" by the director of education and community programs, Sheila Livingston. I even made my own Guthrie stationary. Because really, I'm sure she would have said it was okay anyway, I just...uh…saved her the hassle.
So yesterday is when this all went down. I approach one of the usher/information people with my request flashing the letter pf approval. He's like "Uh, I need to get my manager." Hmmm, okay. I'm already pretty nervous at this point, visions of arrest are running through my head. Mr. Manager comes over and takes my letter and request as being legitimate. Sa-weet. But then he says "I have to double check with MY manager." We're talking, the big guy, in charge of all the employees, blah blah. Great. Should I bail? No. Mr. Super Manager comes by, reads my letter and starts making small talk about Sheila, the lady who I never actually met. So I bs my way through a short conversation. "Oh yeah, ha, Sheila. Heh." After many tense moments, I am ALLOWED in to the Wurtle Thrust Stage to take beautiful photographs at my will. I can't believe it worked. Now keep in mind, I don't really think I did anything wrong. It would be against the law for me to sell the pictures or whatever, but it was for educational purposes. Or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better. Anyway, I got some neat shots (and nearly a heart attack) out of the whole ordeal.

The things we do for art.