May 6, 2008

Chelsey, Sketchbook post



So far I'm working with an existential giant squid...

March 5, 2008

Clarissa 's Sketchbook Post #6

Sooo.... forgot to post an animation, but I thought better late than never. But I found one that pertained to an idea that I had for my animation. I was thinking of morphing a cupcake into something. So I thought this one was interesting.

March 4, 2008

Chelsey, Sketchbook post, Edward Gorey

This is a link to an animation from my favorite illustrator, and it delightfully creepy.

March 3, 2008

Emily Graupner

Every time I watch this I am a happier person. This is an animated music video to “Genius of Love� by the Tom Tom Club. It’s a classic, but Mariah Carey got her hands all over it so you may recognize her version first. It has relevance to the upcoming assignment and to my zine (whereby images are created to convey the feeling of the song).

Charles A drawing on the wall animation

Sigafoos Sketchbook 6

Here is the hand drawn animation I found, by an artist named Chris James.
Its fun to watch these drawings transform from one thing to another.

David- Sketchbook Post 6

So this isn't exactly the animation we will be doing, this is computer based stop motion, but it is still pretty interesting and super super funny. I couldn't find any code to actually put the screen up here so your going to have to use the link, but it is this guy who does 4 minute video game reviews using little stick figures while he narrates with his British/Australian accent. It's great.

Whitney - Sketchbook post #6

This animation I thought was very simple but used fading in and out really well with the drawings.I thought it was actually neat seeing the hair of the figure change with each image. It helps with the simplicity and to show that it is hand drawn. And of course, it has a good little message. :)

Angst Cartoon-Natalie Olbrantz

I thought this was pretty funny and I liked how it was super simple. I thought it was a good example of what we'll be doing in the next few weeks. :-)


Eduardo Cortes.

This is pretty simple but I thought it was cool.

Ellie Drotning- Post #6 (take two!)

Hey everyone- I know I already posted my sketchbook for this week, but I just remembered this music video, and I just couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. No joke, I think this is probably one of my favorite music videos, and you can laugh at me if you want, but minus the bad 80's hair I think it's pretty great! Take a look!

Take On Me by A-Ha

Nikki_Sketchbook 6

I'm sure you have all seen Salad Fingers but I thought the animation of it is pretty relative to what we are doing in class...super creepy tho!

March 2, 2008

matt Wenger - Post#6

This animation is just how I image our projects will be, i think it's the notebook that gives me that idea.

March 1, 2008

Benson-Sketchbook #6

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This animation has a series of episodes. I dislike greatly when he laughs, talks or makes any noise at all. He is obnoxious. This is one of the least obnoxious cartoons.
But I admire the use of lines to create the character and objects, and how the background color changes with his mood. Simple, and effective.

The feisty Italian cartoon reminded me of another animation that I love.
I know, I know, it's Disney-but it's FANTASIA (2000). The style replicates that of the artist Al Hirshfeld-he's good with lines. AND it's set to a George Gerswin classic, Rhapsody in Blue. I can't get over how charming it is, the witty use of simple color and half-finshed detail works so well with the soundtrack. The characters seem extra lively compared to the rest of the city.
The one odd things that sticks out in my mind are the eyelashes of the waitress- I can't get over them. Why are there bead-things on the ends? Wouldn't that be heavy? They look like spider legs. Or showgirl lashes.

Paul Sketchbook #6

So this is a short I'm pretty sure I saw on Channel Frederator. Channel Frederator is a video podcast that comes out ever week or so that showcases all sorts of animation.

Here's their website:
And here it is on iTunes: Channel Frederator

Cool stuff.

meher-sketchbook post #6

i just wrote a great blog...and it was deleted. i will mourn for it later. here is the video, and here is the website for the people who animated it; they've got quite a few videos racked up for some cool artists.

February 29, 2008

Laura Sketchbook Post #6

Here's a neat little animation I found. It's pretty sweet, but at the same time...annoying as hell.

Ellie Drotning- Post #6

Here's the hand-drawn animation I found. It's from youtube, and it's just a very simple, short animation of a woman in a skirt twirling. It's not complicated and doesn't even have any plot, but there's still something about it that I really like. It's very fluid and graceful, despite having choppy animation. I just really like how simple, yet beautiful and enjoyable it is. So take a look!