April 8, 2008

meher's first figure drawing

sorry heba.


by the way, i took this picture in my bathroom. apparently, the lighting in there is EXCELLENT.

apparently this was in the wrong place, i guess. oops! here it is!

March 13, 2008

David Rausch - #7

here is the drawings from my idea.

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This guy turns into a tree and then gets burnt to the ground by a cloud. Game Over.

March 11, 2008

Sketchbook post, Animation, Chelsey

I'm working on two ideas right now one involving a creepy shadow and another involving a creepy creature stepping out of a box to the song New Soul.

Photo 6.jpg

March 10, 2008

Ellie Drotning- Post #7

Sorry this is late everyone- I completely spaced last night! These are my character studies/ brainstorms for what my main (and only) character will look like. i was debating between a sketchy style or a very geometric, clean style. I think I'll go with the second. And I debating if she should have a face or not, but I think having no face will be more effective once the animation is done.

Charles O. Sketchbook Post #7

These are my break dancing box and circle characters! The guy at the bottom left is another character for a possible second skit.

Emily Graupner

Hello. My animation will depict the struggle I face almost every day when I try to take of my boots. It’s nearly impossible and funny to watch for everyone who is not me. I’m not sure how detailed I’m going to get with the character, but I’ll probably place more emphases on detailed movements than on the character itself.

Clarissa's Post #7

This is what I have so far for my baker to cupcake idea, I'm getting pretty excited about it

meuh-kaitlin SB#7


Rabbit vs. Robot. This involves a hula hoop and a very flexible middle area. I want the rabbit to look really fun and squishy. And the robot like a box that has a blinker on top. I have the beginning of a plotline, and an idea of how to end it-most likely not in violence. I think sound effects or music would be fun, but not necessary.


Hey guys!
My animation is called "You Put a Lime in the..." It takes place on a beach, with the ocean in the background, and a palm tree with coconuts in the foreground. Here's the general idea.

A guy wearing swim trunks walks into the scene and spots a lime on the sand. He thinks to himself, "A lime in the coconut!" (Like the song, which by the way will be playing instrumentally throughout).
So, as he shakes the tree vigorously to get a coconut to fall, we see a tight shot of a monkey peer from behind a leaf and frown.
The guy continues to shake the tree, and BAM! A can of coke flies down, smacking him in the head.
As he sits up dumbfounded, the monkey struts by holding a mixed drink and says, "You put a lime in the COKE you nut!" (the lyrics will kick in a this point)
I have sketches and character studies, but my scanner is on the fritz and I will borrow someone's tomorrow and post them asap.

David Rausch - SB #7

So I kind of don't have a scanner or a camera at the moment to show you guys my sweet pics. I was planning to scan in my stuff at school today but I forgot to do it. I'll get them up tomorrow. But my idea is to have a guy holding a sign that says "Save the Trees!" and then he will turn into a tree and then a cloud is going to hit him with lightning and he is going to burn to the ground.

Game Over.

Nikki_Sketchbook 7


I have decided to do a jack in the box animation. It's going to have a little man that is turning the knob of the side and it won't open when you expect it to. I would also like to add the jack in the box music and in the end it will end up blowing up.

meher-sketchbook post #7

this is my idea for my animation. i'm still thinking about it, and i may change a few things around. another idea i had was doing an animation of how my hat came into existence. either way, the style will be the same...i can't seem to get away from the style of stick figures i've developed. and you know? i'm not sure if i WANT to.

i also found another animation that i'd like to share. this commercial came out a couple of years ago i think. i loved it then, and i still love it now:

i think the music and animation work together really well in it, and it's subtly humorous. plus, it's interesting to see it in a flip book format, although i have a suspicion you would need a lot more pages than those found in a checkbook...

sketchbook post, Animation, Chelsey

I'm working on character sketches and two different ideas. One is about an ugly creature stepping out of a box to the song New Soul, another idea is a long creepy shadow slinking down an alley and when the owner of the shadow steps into view he is just shaped exactly like his shadow.

Matt Wenger - Post#7


I know how this looks, but trust me, it will go in a different direction in my animation. I've decided to make an animation for a mash-up song and this figure here has to do with a ying yang twins lyric. I've drawn about 20 some womanly poses for this part of the animation, but for the sake of not making the blog all trashy I decided to only post one image. This womanly figure will eventually turn into a salt shaker, so that's where it's going.

March 9, 2008


Hey guys! So I've completely changed my idea because I didn't want there to only be people in my drawing! Therefore, I'm going to have a guy being eaten by a shark. :-) Basically i'm going to have the fin sticking out of the water, and you will be able to see the guy's body...and he's going to try to be swimming away, but eventually the shark will catch up and chomp chomp chomp, eats the man! So that's the idea, these are some initial sketches and I'm going to have more done for tuesday, but I've had a huge amount of homework to do this weekend so I haven't had much time to get a ton of sketches done! So there you have it, and see ya Tuesdayyyyyyy.

Paul Sketchbook #7

So for my animation I plan on having this mopey looking guy fall through the ground. After falling through the ground for a while, it will cut back to this scene where he'll land in a dumpster off to the left.

Heres a different shot of the guy, looking extra mopey.

(these are drawn a lot bigger than I'll probably do for the animation.)

Micki- Animation

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March 7, 2008

Laura Sketchbook Post #7

If you look at my storyboard, it's pretty straightforward what I'm doing. I'm going to try to make this animation loop well, with the ending frame being the same as the beginning, so this kitty can be repeatedly bonked on the head. What I chose to create this with is tracing paper, which I will later scan in.