May 17, 2008

WOAH almost forgot: meher's 2nd figure drawing

May 16, 2008

Clarissa's Storyboard


This is my storyboard for my graphic novel, I went with the postcard with the little girl, which had "I think I look most like myself in this picture"

Emily Graupner

Charles Sketchbook #8 critiqued


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May 14, 2008

Nikki Sketchbook 8

storyboard1.jpg storyboard2.jpg

Graphic Novel (draft)



this is late, but updates to come.

May 10, 2008

Ellie Drotning- Post #8

Hey everyone, Once again I'm a slow poke. bad ellie! So... finally... here's my storyboard!

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May 8, 2008

david rausch graphic novel

So there is one line from my postcard that was the premise for my entire story. Mr. Woodbury gets a phone call and he tells the guy on the other end of the line that someone is dead. That someone happens to be outside his house though. Mr. Woodbury has a card and flower telling him he is going to die. Guess what, he a ninja. Awesome..I know.

Storyboard - Whitney

ok, so i just noticed this didn't make it online last week.

So my storyboard is basically just the storyline for my novel, i'm doing collage so I didn't want to have concrete ideas in case i couldn't find the material i wanted

May 5, 2008

Matt Wenger - Post#8


These are two of the characters in the story. They are in love and love makes people do crooked things. They do a crooked thing.

Kaitlin-Graphic Story


My story is about a young lad named Bruce. Bruce is receiving postcards from his best friend Jerry. That is the narrative. The images are of Bruce, and what he is doing at the time. This is the most general description of my plotline. I don't want give away all the secrets.

May 4, 2008

Charles O. Storyboard

Micki's Storyboard

My novel will be about Identity. It's about woman name L. Wood (I may change the name) who leaves her job at Mr. Woodbury's and finds a new job close to home as a bookkeeper in the evaporator. Throughout the story L is being watched by her former boss, Mr. Woodbury, because he believes she is hiding a huge secret about herself. At the end we find out if Mr. Woodbury is really the bad guy or if his intentions about L were right on. Some of you guys know where I am going with this, but for everyone who has not seen my work yet, you will have to wait until tuesday to find out how I plan to end my novel. any suggestions would be great and I already have been given some great ideas. :) the photo above is just my rough sketches

meher-sketchbook post #...something

ok scratch that.

back to my original idea, but with a new perspective...i decided to go with more of a storyline for my postcard. i thought of a girl who is really imaginative and clever, but she is painfully shy. she loves a boy and wants to tell him, so she writes him a letter. the narrative shows how she is kind of misunderstood because she is so shy, and the colorful images she thinks of when she's on her own. i still want to keep my expressive stick figures, but i'm going to spend a lot more time in polishing the actual drawings. also, i will add in color when the girl is imagining things, and when she is in love.

on a side note, i was cleaning my room this weekend and found a small comic i made when i was bored, and i want to do the drawings in that kind of style, with a bit more polish, hopefully.

May 3, 2008

Paul Storyboards

May 2, 2008

Sigafoos Storyboards

Hey guys, so I posted this yesterday but it posted three times, so I tried deleting them but it wasn't working and I assumed they were stuck on the blog. Now I see they're gone, so I'll upload again.

Here are my storyboards. My novel is based on the vintage black bear postcard. My story line is about two sister bears in the 1950s, one of whom is in jail. When a postcard comes from Joan (in jail) Diane tells her son about the "day it all happened." A honey bee gang, lies, and coded messages is what's in store... you'll have to read it to find out. ;)

I like the idea of using vintage newspaper behind all the frames (which will be individually torn out.) I'm also planning on drawing "outside the box" sometimes.

Mr. Potato Head, Eduardo Cortes

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Sketchbook Post #8-Laura Anderson

The idea of my story is that there is this little girl who is a brat. She is pretty, but is a jerk to everyone. Then there is this wizard who is like "If you keep being mean like this, your outside will look like your inside (ugly.)" Sure enough, she's mean again and becomes ugly. The end. It has sort of a fairytale-esque style to is and will be drawn much like a children's book.

May 1, 2008

Story Board

Basically, this is going to be the story of a soldier on shore from his battleship. Some things happen, his ship blows up and releases a virus or plague, and all the people on shore die, except him (like I Am Legend). So, he decides to see if an old friend of his is possibly alive. All the frames with black dots in them are flashback type sequences, also, there will be limited character speaking, mostly narrative. Open to ideas.

Graphic Novel Sketches-Natalie

Hey guys-these are just a couple sketches I have going for my Graphic Novel. I started playing around a bit with india ink because thats what I've decided to use for my graphic novel. There isn't much of a story board here, but basically I'm having a love interest thing, and the girl drowns. yeah...purdy sad. okee! see ya tomorrow.