April 27, 2008

Project #4: Graphic Novel

Here is the assignment sheet:
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April 12, 2008


heyyyy everyone!
SO ...i'm done with my animation...BUT i can't figure out how to get sound onto the photoshop animation thingy. does anyone know how? if you could let me know by tonight or tomorrow that'd be AWESOME!

March 7, 2008

Project #3: Animation

Here is the assignment sheet:
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Here is an animation tutorial in photoshop:

February 14, 2008

Project #2: Zine

Here is the assignment sheet:
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January 22, 2008

Project #1: Portrait Illustration

Here is the assignment sheet for Project #1:
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Blog Post Guidelines

I will be checking your sketchbook posts weekly, every Monday morning so that you have until Sunday night to post them. The post could be anything from a sketch, to a thought, to a photo, to something you saw or read that was inspiring, to something you are contemplating in your work (these should be related to the class and should be accompanied with a short explanation so that we understand the relevance). The point is for me to see that you are investigating and contemplating things as they pertain to your work. It is also a way for you to bounce your ideas off others as well as a way to see what your peers are doing/thinking. Feel free to post comments on others' fact, you are asked to do so as part of your grade. These comments are to be constructive comments that will help your peers improve their work. So if you think something is great, "this is great!" will not suffice, but perhaps elaborate on why you think it is great or why you think something is not working as well as it could.

Make sure your image scans/photos are cleaned up before you post them. You are graphic designers after all, and the visuals are VERY important. Furthermore, when you upload the file, you have the option of posting it as a thumbnail that then links to your larger, original image. Please do this so we don't have giant images cluttering the blog. This means save your image at a size that is large enough to see the details on your work, but post it as a thumbnail that is a maximum of 300 pixels wide (this will link to your original image that is at the size you want it to appear when people click on the smaller version).

Make sure you label your post with "your name-post#" and place it under the proper category.
These posts make up 10% of your grade.

Guidelines for Lecture/Event Write-Ups

Attend the ENTIRETY of the event.
Write a ONE PAGE summary of the event (take notes while you are there, reflect on the lecture, exhibit, etc.) Look up some background information on the artist/s.

Some questions to consider:

What is the event about?
What are some main points that struck you?
How is this event or lecturer relevant to what your interests are (how does it influence your own work)?
What are some things you liked/didn't like about the lecture/event?
Other comments/opinions?

Make sure to write thoughtfully and carefully. I do expect you to actually spend time on this in order for me to understand that you have reflected upon the event.

Post the write-up as an uploaded .PDF on the blog under "Lecture/Event Write-Ups".

Artist Presentations

Presentation Guidelines:

Find a relevant artist/illustrator that you would like to share with the class. Prepare a ten minute presentation giving us some background information on the artist, some examples of the artist's work, and why you like/chose this artist (not just that you like their work...tell us why). I will always have my computer and a projector, so just bring a flash drive if you want to use them. Lastly, you will post a brief description of your artist with links to websites/images on our blog under the "Artist from Presentations" category.

Here is the Presentation Schedule:

Feb. 5: Molly, Laura
Feb. 14: Natalie, Nikki
Feb 19: Whitney
Feb 21: Meher
Feb 26: Matt, Charles
March 6: Kaitlin, Emily
March 11: Clarissa
March 13: Eduardo
March 25: Paul, Nicole
April 22: Ellie, Magnus
April 24: Allison, Micki
April 29: David
May 1: Chelsea

Spring Syllabus

Here is the syllabus....

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