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Panoramic Cityscapes

Projection Outing, May 11, 2008

Documentation by Gabriel Cheifetz


WOW, that was profound! I really liked it, it was mesmerizing (no doubt the music helped!). I liked when the pick-up truck rounded the corner and its lights became blinding. The building animation really looked terrific on that big facade, even with a bit of curved distortion to the projection (in fact, that added something to it!). I need to be there in person next time... keep bugging me!

aesthetically stunning. Also saw the other pics and videos you sent, although i never responded, consider me a fan.
I give you and those people from graffiti research lab in brooklyn, full credit for this ingenious work of art (ok. I am biased to family members and oblivious to the fact that only a silhouette of you is shown) Regardless, considering that thats coming from someone who detests exhibited art, i think you people did some very cool things out there, and i am absolutely hooked... post more, post more, post more!!!

or finance my trip, am willing to do a lot of hard manual labor, such as cleaning building facades for better screen quality.

Keep it up.

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