August 25, 2008

Root Shock: Photo Documentation

(click on slideshow to see larger versions)

July 1, 2008

MAW X Country: Hotel Eyes

Projecting from inside the Marriot hotel room from the 21st floor in downtown San Jose for the fun of it! We (MAW) were there for the ZERO1 Festival in June 2008.

Photos courtesy of Peter Thompson

June 17, 2008

MAW X Country: ZERO1 Block Party, June 2008

A sampling of everyone's work (from MAW) at the ZERO1 festival block party in San Jose.
Video documentation by Tyler Hallett.

MAW X Country: Photo Documentation

Minneapols Art on Wheels
Minneapolis-San Jose road trip, summer 2008.

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MAW goes to the ZERO 1 New Media Biennial in San Jose, California, trekking across 10 states and projecting in a variety of sites ranging from the Badlands of Interior, South Dakota, to the sand dunes of Winnemucca, Nevada, and the streets of downtown San Jose. Documentation is viewable on the MAW website.

June 16, 2008

MAW X Country: Winnemucca Sand Dunes

batchku, tytronic, and heba at the sand dunes of Winnemucca, NV as part of the MAW X Country trip.
Documentation by Andrea Steudel.

MAW X Country: Grimes Creek

Projection on the trees of the lovely site of Grimes Creek in Boise Idaho.
Documentation by Andrea Steudel.

May 14, 2008

Panoramic Cityscapes

Projection Outing, May 11, 2008

Documentation by Gabriel Cheifetz

May 3, 2008

Art Projection, first outing

April 30, 2008
Heba's, Ali's, and Tyler's projects