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Sketch Book Post #3 | Micah Spieler

My idea for the Zine: Mixology (aka how to make decent cocktails). I'm thinking of clever titles, like a play on "shaken, not stirred" or something like that, maybe with "how2 make a decent cocktail" as the tag line. Still in progress.

I recently acquired a "bible" from the bar I work at of the recipes and instructions on how to mix them properly. I thought that it would be fun to choose the most ridiculous, both in terms of name and content, and make a zine about how to make them. Some that I've chosen so far:

Sex with an Alligator, Surfer on Acid, Tequila Sunrise, Big Ginger, Buttery Nipple, Mind Eraser... I'm not sure how I feel about all of the x-rated names though (i skipped citronmyface, screaming orgasm, etc).


sounds great! it will be interesting AND useful for everyone!

I would say it's a good start to an idea. Remember that zines are a somewhat personal format and that's what makes them interesting. Explore this idea while incorporating your own insight, or perhaps making up your own drinks.

maybe I can add personal tag lines for each drink, like, "don't mix sex with an alligator and a red headed slut" . . . .

I think the drink guide is a great idea... like sarah said it would actually be useful to people. If i found that zine laying around I would definitely hold onto it... and I like the idea of personal taglines. Good way to add humor to it.