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Sketch Book #8: Elle Attinella

This is kind of my animation. I've been trying to get this to work most of the weekend. I think the file is too big, because when I attempt to export the movie into a quicktime I keep getting a message saying there is not enough memory, no matter what computer I am working with. I really have tried many things, even uploading the .swf onto my webspace. It is just too big for the host and media mill. I tried lowering the .jpeg quality of all the pictures but the flash file stayed the same size (about 65 mb). Does anyone have suggestions? other than using a Blue Gene?

I was able to upload the animation to media fire, so if you feel really ambitious you can click on this link to download the .swf to your desktop. hopefully it is still possible to make this a quicktime file, I would like to share it in a more convenient way. It is nearing 150 "frames" (although about 50 are title/credits). this has been really frustrating which is too bad because the assignment itself was very fun... is this punishment for putting extra effort into something? :)



Elle, try media-convert [http://media-convert.com/]. If your assignment was completed in Flash, go to File>Export>QuicktimeVideo otherwise File>Import>Video>and follow the rest instructions to make your file a .flv (this can be embedded in youtube or myspace, I believe).