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Sketchbook Post #6-Sarah Even

I've decided to do my animation about two boys playing baseball. One will be the pitcher and the other one the hitter. The pitcher will throw the ball to the hitter, he'll hit the ball and it will hit the pitcher in the face. Then, the pitcher will catch the ball....and repeat. I was thinking after a couple loops of that then maybe the pitcher will throw the ball as hard as he can at the hitter and hit him in the face and then it will end. Anyone have any suggestions?


That seems like a solid idea, but very ambitious. You'll have to really work on the body-movements involved in the throwing/hitting to make things realistic. Of course, you can go in a different unrealistic style and that would probably work too.

I like this idea but it sounds like a lot of movemenet going on. You might want to consider making your drawings stylistically more simple in order to get the assignment done on time.

To simplify the animation, you could start by showing the two kids in the same frame, and then switch to only showing the one doing the action, so there is only one kid in the frame, this way you only need to focus on the action.

thanks for all the advice guys! im definitely doing simple figures...kelly, thanks for the suggestion about showing one kid at a time...i am going to try that! :)

post your sketches!