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Barbara Hicks | Sketchbook #9

I've completely changed my story. After much thought, I decided that the challenge of illustrating my very complex story was going to take more time than I have. So I quick came up with a more simple story line. I have the postcard where Rosa writes and asks why Anna hasn't written...wants to know if something is wrong, or what? So, I decided to show just why Anna doesn't write...she WANTS to and PLANS to, but all the interruptions of her daily life prevent her from sitting down and writing.

Here is a sample page:


It sounds like it will be a funny story. And the images look good too. Are you going to add some color?

very cute. :) your style is great for this!

I like your response to the message of the postcard with your new story line. The illustration style goes well with it too.

Love this :) I like the style used. Well done

Very cute, Barbara. I love the simplicity... and it is quite funny. Its nice how you break up the layout repetition in the bottom columns.

great comic barbara!! <3 love ur lines and ur character design!