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G Novel - Sktchbkpst #10 - Micah

So here it is! My graphic novel. I'll have it all printed out pretty like on Monday, but this is a "sneak peak" if you will. Just kidding.

Anyway, my idea came from the front image of my postcard, which shows two girls in the outline of an apple. This got me to imagine what it would be like to be born from an apple. Some of roughs included a final page with a story about a couple who couldn't conceive their own child, but were lucky to find these two girls in a bushel of apples. And while the narrative was nice, it didn't really add any strengths to my initial idea. So the final product is less about a narrative, but more about a process, and it's an exploration of the process.

Hope you enjoy. You can download the PDF here: Download file but its huge! (48mbs). So instead, read on and I've included pop-up JPEGs, just the way Heba likes it. ^-^

My grunge-style is in tribute to Barbara.


I really like your use of color in all of these pieces. I'm especially digging the contour lines mixed with the brush stokes. The last piece of the series is my favorite though- the composition, colors, drawings, and textures all work really well together.

Yeah, I was very happy with the way that turned out! Thanks!

Everything about this novel is beautiful. I love the style you chose.

Micah - this is insanely cool, and I hate you...in a really good way, though! I want an autographed copy. really.