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Sketchbook Post 09 | Kaamil Haider

For my novel postcard, I chose the Hawaiian postcard about someone sending a postcard to someone regarding visiting a person named David in his Hawaiian hut and hoping after she met David that her love would still love her. I didnt quite understand the plot of that story but nevertheless it was interesting post due to its antique, cultural, and vividness look. I dont know what my narrative still would be about as I am struggling (any feedback would be appreciated). So far I am thinking about doing a love narrative where a kid falls in love with this mermaid at a beach that he visits often. At the end of the story the mermaid disappears and the boy keeps coming back to the beach to find his love till his old age. Cheesy but I'll think of something to spice it up in the mean time.


For some reason your story reminded me of the giving tree, just in case you don't know the story, a little boy loves this tree and the tree loves him, he plays on the tree and he grows up and throughout the story he comes back to the tree and the tree gives him a part of herself each time to make him happy until the end when all that is left is a stump, and the boy comes back as an old man and sits upon the stump. So it is kind of a sad story, but the way your character keeps returning to the beach to wait for his mermaid reminded me of it.