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sketchbook post 9: Nathan Pasch

graphic novel.jpg

Since my last sketchbook post didn't work out too well i thought i would give a quick recap. Basically in my graphic novel i have the post card with the woman standing next to a cactus looking thing. In my story it turns out to be the leg of an alien spacecraft. The aliens beam down and kidnap this woman and her son. They take them aboard their ship and do some experiments on them (like aliens do) ha. It ends with her writing this post card to some close friends. the post card has a very sad feel to it with out saying what is wrong. The post card also appears to have gotten wet, in my story it will be caused by a tear. I plan on sending my images through photoshop and giving the images a poster or comic book feel as it will be made up of many black circles.


OMG! LOVE THAT PERSPECTIVE ON THAT LAST PANEL! XD great job on the forshortening on the leg! awesome awesome.

DUDE. awesome perspective. you're my hero for the day.

Neat drawing.... but where is the model? is she in the space ship?