September 14, 2008

Introductory Image: Michelle Silva


Nowhere, is part of a experimental series I wrote and drew earlier this summer. I chose this particular image out of the series because it currently embodies many of my current obsessions of annoying neon colors, mixing traditional and digital methods, mythology, and the use of pictures with words and the relationship they have with each other. So, roll all those things together and you brain!

What would I like to get out of this class?

After extensive thought, and a couple of red bulls. I have decided that I would like inspiration. I want to investigate new art movements, styles, and methods. Anything I can use to help me enrich my own work.


September 9, 2008

Missy Austin: Introductory Image

Hello : ) This is a self portrait I did a few years back in one of my high school oil painting classes. Beyond the fact that the painting is of myself, I feel that it portrays somewhat of my style and my personality at the time it was painted. I feel like my style is increasingly sporadic and with this portrait I tried to capture a somewhat constant nature about myself with some simple symbolism. I frequently change my hair, but if I weren't to touch it, a wavy yellow ball would insue (as in the picture.) I also have worn this particular necklace daily for the past 6 years and each bead really does mean something to me and came from somewhere I remember. I'm also a BIG sunglasses junky and these were my go-to shades for quite some time.

September 8, 2008

Joann Dzon: Introductory Image

This image is my take on the eagle found on a Polish flag. My Polish heritage is a large part of my identity and I often use it for inspiration in my paintings and other art projects. The loose and expressive lines are also represent my drawing style. The colors I chose are fresh and fun, which represent my optimistic personality.

Kaamil Haider | Introductory Image

This is a painting by Ghani Khan named Roshan, after his wife.

I chose this particular image because it contains swings of personal elements of me that I can relate to. With every different stroke in this painting comes with a different layer, and I am a person with more layers than just one.

Heba Amin: Introductory Image

I am consumed by buildings, images of buildings...preferably abandoned. The aesthetic of repetition and layering of squares is attractive to me, it allows for my tendencies towards obsessive repetition and tediousness to come out. My recent research and long time fascination has to do with city infrastructure and its affect on people. I am interested in human psychological behavior as a direct result of their surroundings and explore this extensively in my work. I am also therefore extremely interested in a lot of science fiction writings that explore the same idea, and later in the semester, you'll find this same exploration in many (lesser known) graphic novels.

Here is a link to my blog:

Shannen Pickens: Introductory Image

I choose this image because I feel as though it somewhat depicts how I look at life. For me, my faith is something that is very important to me and I feel as though this beautiful world was created and that I am extremely blessed to be a part of it.

The small person in the illustration appears very insignificant in comparison to the large vivid sky and
the grass. However, even though the person is small and very simple in comparison to the rest, the composition would feel very empty without him.

Matt Pabich: Introductory Image

This is an image of a Ryan Adams & the Cardinals concert poster that I went to last year. This image is a representation of me because it reminds me of an evening with my brother. He had bought me tickets for my birthday and came to the cities from Milwaukee. While the concert wasn't very good (Ryan had a bit of a meltdown on stage) there is still a story and experience behind the piece and that is what art is about. Also I think it is a very interesting and well designed illustration.

September 7, 2008

Lindsey Ostby: Introductory Image

I chose an Andy Warhol illustration titled "Birth of Venus". Andy Warhol was a very influential and creative artist of his time and his style of work was much different from other artists. I feel that this image reflects on me and my lifestyle. I am a person who is willing to take risks, try something different, and use my creativity in my day-to-day life. The women depicted as Venus in this illustration is free flowing, looking very relaxed. I also see my self as a carefree person who tends to go with the flow. Venus is also know as being a symbol of feminity and I also choose to embrace my feminity in a world where women have become extremely independent.

Micah Spieler: Introductory Image

"The Same Sky." by TheGreenMonster - deviantART

I chose this image to demonstrate my style. In my own work, I use similar techniques as this designer, utilizing collage aspects as well as standard design techniques. The image is not very pictorial, rather it alludes to something rather than explicitly depict an event/situation.

Tarin Gessert: Introductory Image

I chose this drawing of a tree as my introductory image for several reasons. I find nature and the way things grow to be utterly amazing. Like a tree, I am continually growing as a person. Each event in my life, each person I meet, is like a branch on the tree. Some events stem from others, while some bud on their own. Like a tree, I hope to continually grow and mature as a person and to fill myself with knowledge that will help in that maturation until the day that I no longer exist. I think that a tree is a good metaphor for life, and as I am living my life, a good metaphor for me.

Sarah Even-Introductory Image

I chose this drawing I did as a favorite because it describes what the city was like to me before I got here. I knew a general outline of what city life was like but the edges were still blurred. The U of M is the 3rd (and last) school I've attended, and I've found that the city is definitely where I belong. The drawing is by no means wonderful, but it expresses my limited knowledge of the city before transferring here.

Nathan Pasch: Introductory Image

September 6, 2008

Barbara Hicks: Introductory Image

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Kelly Street: Introductory Image

I chose this Illustration because I felt I could identify with the little robot. Your sitting there minding your own business from day to day thinking everything is going the norm and then someone, out of the blue, gives you a look, like you are out of your mind, and you don't know what caused their frame of mind to shift in that direction so you just sit there.

This explanation says a lot about me in the way that I say what I mean right up front and keep it simple and to the point, I don't like to complicate things.

And I really like pink ice cream!

Kelly Grahn: Introductory Image

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September 5, 2008

Danielle Attinella: Introductory Image

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