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September 30, 2007

Sketchbook 3 - Andrew Buck

A rough storyboard for the mini animation. I plan on using a white board and erasable markers which I hope will allow me to morph the main character once the bird exits his mouth so the animation can continue in another direction.


sketch 3-Lucy Michell


This was just an idea page for the animation that I am doing. Unfortunatly it won't involve the robot but will involve the monster eating certain objects and possibly poopin them out..although that is still up in the air cause Johnathan doesn't like that idea...

Sketchbook 3 - Jarid Johnson


This is a before and after look at a t-shirt design i worked on recently, on the left its the jsut first idea sketch, and then on the right it is the finished form using blacka dn teal t-shirt ink, on a desaturated tint of yellow t-shirt.

September 28, 2007

Sketchbook3- Lisa Reed

blog 9-30-07.jpg
These are the rought sketches for my animation and the story line. The actual drawing that i will be using for the animation is at the bottom of the page.

Sketchbook Post 3, Jenny Olson

These are the beginning sketches for my animation. I haven't given the main character, which is the bird, a name and have some expressive qualities to add to his eyes. His eyes will be the main mode of expression in this animation (as of now). Further, there might be music in the animation. The story goes as follows: the bird starts out in his nest, acknowledges the viewers, then decides to go for a flight. He takes off and starts heading for a telephone wire, the local hotspot for all birds. We see him approaching the telephone wire, then we see him about to land. Upon landing he knocks off a bird. The next thing we see is the bird that he knocked off falling to the ground, while the other birds look at the main character in astonishment. Then we see the bird dead on the ground (a bit morbid, I realize...) The final scene is the main character acknowledging the audience again with a look of bewilderment in his eyes.

Sketchbook 3 - Karen De Queiroz


This is just a portion of my character development sketches and storyboard for my short animation. It looks cute and cartoonish, but the rest of the story is not as cute as it appears *gasp*.
From what you see though, it's a cute little creature skipping in a field with flowers, and he stops once he sees a very pretty flower. Then the rest will be revealed later!

September 27, 2007

Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir

Quirky work by Icelandic artist Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir:


"With their often absurd gestures and facial expressions, Sigurđardóttir’s performers cavort across the paper in their colorful shimmies¸ hiked-up ankle socks and fluffy tutus. Disproportionate limbs add to these creatures’ comical yet fragile appearances, also highlighted by gently drawn tufts of hair, ominous puddles of ambiguous liquid and colouring directly reminiscent of blood. Indeed, the viewer feels abducted into the figures’ realm of emotions. Sometimes it seems they have just waded through knee-deep pools of blood in now stained socks. As the artist herself describes, “The contrast between horror and beauty and the state of mind you get in when you don’t know when something is disgusting, beautiful, sad or funny… Have you ever started laughing when something sad happens?? "

September 25, 2007

Project #2: Animation

Download file

William Kentridge

South African fine artist, popular for his charcoal animations.

another BLU animation

Drawn with Lines

Sneezing guy

Animation Site

A site with a range of animators.

The artist I shared in class was Matt Abbiss

Yuko Shimizu

An illustrator you guys might enjoy:


Sketch 2- Chelsea Eckberg

september 004.jpg

september 005.jpg

I recently became very interested in graffiti, these are some sketches of my style and just playing around.

September 24, 2007

sketch book 2- Beth Brinkley

I revised my Project # One this weekend and it struck me as odd that I never think outside of flat dimensional ideas so I tried to stretch past that. Thus, I added mostly 3D elements to my drawing and was pleased with the outcome. I would be really interested to see how other students in this class form their ideas. Do most people think the way I originally did, in one dimensions? Are there certain categories of designers by way of how they problem solve? Can we turn on our "3D thinking cap" easily if we train our minds? Just some thoughts to throw out there.

Sketchbook 2 - Karen de Queiroz


This is a simple drawing I made from sketching this woman on a Brazilian Shampoo commercial =P.

Graffiti in Barcelona


This was some beautiful graffiti that I had the opportunity to see in Barcelona. It was amaizng to me how in europe, many people embraced street art and it was everywhere. It was also extemely thought out, unlike many of the quick tags that people do here just to vandalize or just for the hell of it. This seemed to be street art with a purpose. I thought it would be interesting for the rest of the class to see different kinds of art of from other countries.

Sketchbook 2 - Dusty Fields

Today I am posting pictures I took from the Mill City Museum. The reason I am adding these to my sketchbook is that I want to use them for inspiration for future assignments such as the Zine or Vinyl Cover (If we do it). I want to start illustrating old, imperfect, historical buildings. I like using charcoal, but I think pencil would probably be the best for these kinds of drawings. I might stay away from pen, but I would like to stick with something that adds the "imperfect" and rough feel to the drawing.




sketchbook 2-Jennie Carley


I already used this image in another piece using a full color scale and pastels but i really liked the piece and wanted to use a different style on a smaller scale

Sketchbook Post 2 - Jarid Johnson


Possible tattoo design that i started sketching, very preliminary, the beginning of a sleeve. da vinci's vitruvian man in the background, text "ish elohim" main, and "hands" of the creation underneath. Layout is prob not gonna be this way, but ya

Sketchbook #2 - Myhli

These are simple sketches for ideas to go into the my historical figure drawing. From the critique it seemed like there were many different ideas of what the cross could have meant. It actually is supposed to represent Robert Boyle's religious beliefs. His entire life science and God were always competing to be the number one priority so I wanted religion to take up as much space as science in the background.


Right now I'm liking the first two sketches better but not I'm not exactly sure yet. I'll have draw more and see how they look with the entire drawing.

Sketchbook 2 - Karl Noelle


So I'm a huge fan of trance. It's this genre of electronic music. In Search of Sunrise 4 is one of my all-time favorite albums from that genre. I also enjoy drawing logos, and imitating lettering. This is my attempt of the CD cover. I also attempted to express some of the emotions from this album. The wide range of sounds is just unreal.

BLU: Wall Animations

Interesting example of animation/illustration on non-traditional media.

Italian street-artist Blu and his mind-blowing animations:

#2 - Jonathan Knisely

drawn while listening to Radioheads " The National Anthem" from Kid A

Sketchbook 2 - Luke


Just playing around with india ink, some pen nibs, and a brush; trying to get comfortable with the drawing characteristics.

September 23, 2007

sketchbook 2- Jeff

I was exploring the interaction of light with different abstract shapes. I also was using multiple vanishing points to give the illusion of depth and complexity.

Andy Warhol

This was Andy Warhol's illustration for Glamour Magazine when he decided to change his name from Andrew Warhola to Andy Warhol.

Here are a few good links to see more of Andy Warhol's Works!!
The Andy Warhol Museum:
Andy Warhol Biography:
Andy Warhol Chronology:

Sketchbook2 Lisa Reed


This is a collage I created using magazine cutouts. I wanted to create an interesting composition with depth using different scales of images and parts of objects as textures. I wanted to experiment with a different media that I don't usually use.

September 22, 2007

Sketchbook 2 - Andrew Buck

Last night I was working on homework for computer applications when the earth as I know it erupted, shattering the heavens. Apparently my power couldn’t withstand the combination of 30 mph winds, horizontal rains, nickel size hail, and a tornado touchdown. Needless to say this was brilliant timing since we design students always several projects to work on. Out of frustration and in order to make up for lost time, I decided to sketch my perspective of the storm using the character I had chosen for that particular assignment.


September 21, 2007

Brave New Worlds at the Walker


Reworking the title of Aldous Huxley's 1932 novel (if you haven't read this, it is a GREAT book), this groundbreaking exhibition offers bold and creative approaches to questions of the artist's responsibility to the world. The show features politically conscious works by 24 artists from 17 countries. It opens on Thursday OCT. 4 at the Walker Art Center. There will be a panel discussion-->"Brave New Art: Artists and Political Consciousness"

"Join the international artists of Brave New World for a lively panel discussion on the responsibility of artists in times of political fallout, globalization, and instoppable technological process. Panelists include Sean Snyder, Dan Perjovschi, Runa Islam, and Haegue Yang. Curators Doryun Chong and Yasmil Raymond will moderate the discussion about what constitutes a brave new world, and making art as an act of courage."

Going to the show or the panel discussion could be used for your event write-up. Both the exhibit and the lecture are FREE and I would highly recommend going!

Joanna Quinn: "Dreams and Desires"

I remember seeing this at the Walker last winter and it has resurfaced. It's a brilliant animation and I thought I'd share it with you guys. The artist, Joanna Quinn, illustrated the animation and brought it to life with After Effects.

This isn't the greatest copy and it's only part of the 10 minute animation, but you get the idea.
For more on what else she is doing, check out her website at:
Her gallery of drawings on the website is particularly worth checking out.

Her drawings are really quite fantastic!

Dreams and Desires - Family Ties(2006)

September 20, 2007

Sketchbook 2; Jenny Olson

Hey guys, so this summer while I was back in my hometown I checked out the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and the exhibit called Jess was up/is up. It was really interesting, if you find yourself in Madison, Wisconsin I recommend checking it out. I might talk about his work for my artist presentation, but haven't decided yet.

I'm posting some links for you guys to check out; he's a unique illustrator and writer. He did a lot of collage art/illustrations too. Which I thought relates to our class as Heba mentioned that we might be doing some collage art. Hope you find him interesting!!

This is a brief biography on Jess from the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's website (the link follows the biography)

The artist Jess [his full name is Jess Collins, but is known as Jess] (1923-2004) emerged in the 1950s from within the literary context of Beat culture in San Francisco. The life partner of poet Robert Duncan, Jess collaborated extensively with poets and other writers, and worked with small presses and limited-edition publications throughout his career. Something of a cult artist, Jess is less widely known than some of his contemporaries, but his art is deeply revered by many.

Another link to take a quick look at is:
Surprisingly there isn't that much on this artist.

Sketchbook 1 - Jarid Johnson


just the first full idea on my "historical portrait illustration"

September 19, 2007

Edward Gorey



September 18, 2007

Sketchbook1 - Jeff

I was experimenting with the use of line to create the illusion of depth and movement

September 17, 2007

Artist- Egon Schiele

Here are some places to experience Egon's work!
This is at the MIA, so very close!

This is an interesting thing that I have not see for any other artist, a musical tribute!


sketchbook 1-Jennie Carley

sketchbook1 jennie.jpg

I'm thinking of using the Nile incorporated into the portrait because he traveled to Africa on multiple explorations and he died on the Nile. Any suggestions?

Sketchbook 1 - Lucy


Sketchbook 1 - Laura Peterson


This is what i thinking for my historical figure. The basic idea is a tribute stamp for my figure, David Hume. He wrote the Treatise when he was 26 which many consider to be one of the most important books in the history of philosophy. hence, the tribute. he's scottish so thats why i want the background to be plaid. we'll see...

Sketchbook 1 - Myhli

Here are two pages from my sketchbook. They are early sketches and first ideas and pictures that popped into my head as I researched about Robert Boyle.



I have been reading up alot on Buddhism.

got bored

wondered what Mr. Buddha would have looked like with my favorite pair of Ray-Bans on...

Sketchbook 1 | Jenny Olson


Let's try this again...suppose the last entry was a dead giveaway that I have never really blogged before. Let's hope this is a bit more like what is expected...

This is one sketch of a few that I have developed with the intent of building up my narrative for my historical figure portrait. The historical figure that I am illustrating is Louis Jolliet. He was a French-Canadian explorer during the mid/late 1600s to the early 1700s. He is most famous for discovering the Mississippi river with Jacques Marquette.

September 16, 2007

Sketch 1 - Karl Noelle

For my first blog post, I decided to post my sketch of Niccolo Machiavelli. He is most famous for his authorship of "The Prince," which is a long discourse on several areas of politics. He was an Italian, so for the background, I was thinking about writing excerpts from "The Prince" behind his portrait in his native language. I'd like to be able to print these excerpts in a type of antique I hope it works out.



Free Image Hosting at

This is some of my preliminary sketching for working out how I want nero's features to look and the style I'm going for. I tried to express a kind of suspicious arrogance in this one, but I'm still playing around with other facial expression, maybe a more fearful look suspicion in the eyes next time?
I'm thinking of using brush and ink for the final to get some really powerful lines and even tones, but I haven't really used them much before.

Sketchbook 1 - Andrew Buck

This is a very rough sketch of my historical figure, Sun Tzu. He was an ancient Chinese general and mercenary who lived during the Kingdom of Wu, one of the most barbaric periods in Chinese history. He is also known for writing The Art of War, a book devoted to military strategies and tactics, which is still read in modern Military schools.

For whatever reason Sun Tzu reminded me of Batman, so I decided to sketch him too.


Sketchbook1 Lisa Reed


This is a rough sketch of my historical figure, Seneca the Younger. He was a philosopher in Rome, a statesman and a dramatist. He was also very sickly and thin from fasting during the later parts of his life so I wanted to portray that in my illustration. I still need to develop the background and I want to create a distinct style for the illustration, this is just a really rough sketch of what he might look like and the layout.

sketch1 - Danielle Warzala

Here is one of the sketches I came up with for my historical portrait on Ludwig Van Beethoven. The concept in this one is obviously lacking, so I have made quite a few changes to the background and overall design for the final.

Illustrator: Quentin Blake - Danielle Warzala

First and foremost, check out these two videos.

I am telling you guys, these videos are extremely interesting and informational, so be sure to click the links!

Quentin Blake 1932-

-Freelance Illustrator born in Sidcup, Britain
-Got his start drawing for magazines, "Punch" and "The Spectator" when he was 16
-Has been drawing since before he can remember
-Studied English in Cambridge and earned a postgraduate teaching diploma from the University of London
-Taught for over 20 years at the Royal College of Art where he was the head of the Illustration department from 1978-1986
-Began illustrating children's books at the age of 28
-Most famous for his collaboration with author Roald Dahl whom he worked with for 15 years until 1975 (Dahl's death)
-Currently resides in South Kensington
-His drawings can be described by words such as:
spur of the moment
l ight-hearted
-On average he illustrates 3-6 books per year
-In his spare time he enjoys reading and cooking food at his summer home in France

To find out more go to or click the link below:

sketchbook 1 - Karen


Hmm I thought i posted this like two hours ago or so but it just disappeared. This is suppose to be Nancy Ward (Nanye-hi), a Cherokee woman who led them to victory in a battle. She took up the gun of her husband after he died in battle. THis is just a rough sketch idea of what i might be drawing. I'm just having problems as to what to incorporate in the background.

September 13, 2007

Sketchbook 1 - Beth

So this is a drawing that I have been working on these past two weeks and I know that it is almost done but I am not sure what to add. It is a repeated image of my sister and I (Im wearing my moms sneakers). The top and bottom both show our connection (arrows) while we both connect to (the heart) which represents our years together. My bottom image of myself shows me with a "mirror" face, refecting my sister. But, what does this need!
Beth Brinkley

k-b summer2007.jpg

Sketchbook 1 - Dusty

For this week's sketchbook post, I am putting up a very rough sketch for my historical person. I've been assigned Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American slave to have poetry published. I want to include a lot of symbols such as a quill pen to represent writing, an American flag to show how she changed America, a representation of Phillis, and finally broken chains to show that slavery couldn't stop her from pursuing her passions.

The final product will be done with India ink that will have a Calligraphy look representing her passion for writing.

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome, this is just a very rough idea right now.


Dusty Fields

September 11, 2007

Sketchbook Posts

I will be checking your sketchbook posts weekly, every Monday morning so that you have until Sunday night to post them. The post could be anything from a sketch, to a thought, to a photo, to something you saw or read that was inspiring, to something you are contemplating in your work. The point is for me to see that you are investigating and contemplating things as they pertain to your work. It is also a way for you to bounce your ideas off others as well as a way to see what your peers are doing/thinking. Feel free to post comments on others' posts.

Make sure your image scans/photos are cleaned up before you post them. Furthermore, when you upload the file, you have the option of posting them as a thumbnail that then links to your bigger image. Please do that so we don't have giant images on the blog. Your original image should be no wider than 400pixels.

Make sure you label your post with "sketchbook # - your name" and place it under the proper category.
These posts make up 10% of your grade.

Guidelines for Lecture/Event Write-Ups

Attend the ENTIRETY of the event.
Write a one page summary of the event (take notes while you are there, reflect on the lecture, exhibit, etc.)
Look up some background information on the artist/s.

Some questions to consider:

What is the event about?
What are some main points that struck you?
How is this event or lecturer relevant to what your interests are (how does it influence your own work)?
What are some things you liked/didn't like about the lecture/event?
Other comments/opinions?

Make sure to write thoughtfully and carefully. I do expect you to actually spend time on this in order for me to understand that you have reflected upon the event.

September 10, 2007


Presentation Guidelines:

Find a relevant artist/illustrator that you would like to share with the class. Prepare a ten minute presentation giving us some background information on the artist, some examples of the artist's work, and why you like/chose this artist (not just that you like their work...tell us why). I will always have my computer and a projector, so just bring a flash drive if you want to use them. Lastly, you will post a brief description of your artist with links to websites/images on our blog under the "Artists" category.

Here is the Presentation Schedule:

Sept. 13: Beth, Danielle
Sept. 18: Lisa, Laura
Oct. 2: Karen, Jenny O.
Oct. 18: Teresa, Andrew B.
Oct. 23: Jarid, Andrew S.
Oct. 30: John, Dusty
Nov. 20: Jennifer C, Luke
Nov. 27: Karl, Myhli
Nov. 29: Jeff, Chelsea

September 7, 2007

The Tale of How

A very interesting animation by young South African Artists: (better res than youtube)

and here is info on how it was done:

Graphic Design Lecture - Thursday, Sept 13

Thursday, Sept. 13, 6:30 pm MCAD Auditorium 150

Gordon Salchow, professor at the University of Cincinnati's School of Design.
more info:

Fall Syllabus

Download file