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Graffiti in Barcelona


This was some beautiful graffiti that I had the opportunity to see in Barcelona. It was amaizng to me how in europe, many people embraced street art and it was everywhere. It was also extemely thought out, unlike many of the quick tags that people do here just to vandalize or just for the hell of it. This seemed to be street art with a purpose. I thought it would be interesting for the rest of the class to see different kinds of art of from other countries.


Did you check out the link to the Italian artist BLU that I posted? He is also a graffiti artist, and his blog has great links to other street art blogs. So does your interest in this art play a role in your own work?

I think I am really interested in art that people do on found objects and really interesting places. They create beautiful things using their surroundings and I think that is so amazing. I would say it plays an important role in my own art because I tend to look for beauty in everyday objects, or think of ways to make an ugly wall more interesting.

Very cool. I have a book called Street Logos that has a bunch of really awesome work from famous street artists from several countries. I will bring it in tomorrow if you want to take a look.

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