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Sketchbook 2 - Dusty Fields

Today I am posting pictures I took from the Mill City Museum. The reason I am adding these to my sketchbook is that I want to use them for inspiration for future assignments such as the Zine or Vinyl Cover (If we do it). I want to start illustrating old, imperfect, historical buildings. I like using charcoal, but I think pencil would probably be the best for these kinds of drawings. I might stay away from pen, but I would like to stick with something that adds the "imperfect" and rough feel to the drawing.





Mmmmmm, urban infrastructure! Yes, I think it's a great topic for the zine project...in fact, you might want to take a look at this site: http://www.infiltration.org/zine.html

I myself have an obsession with urban infrastructure and discovered these groups around the world who call themselves urban explorers; they explore restricted areas in cities (in fact there is a twin cities based group who started at the University by exploring restricted tunnel systems). But this particular group, based in Toronto, publishes a zine of their excursions. I was going to order a few of them, but it might be worth it for you to check out.

The Mill City museum is a great building...I would highly recommend going over there and doing some sketches in addition to the photos you have.

I love the idea of using broken down historical buildings in current pieces. I think that the MIll building in particular is being used to its upmost by that framing and installations that have been installed into it. The Guthrie also frames partial/historical signs and thats what is so attractive about those spaces!

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