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Sketchbook 3 - Karen De Queiroz


This is just a portion of my character development sketches and storyboard for my short animation. It looks cute and cartoonish, but the rest of the story is not as cute as it appears *gasp*.
From what you see though, it's a cute little creature skipping in a field with flowers, and he stops once he sees a very pretty flower. Then the rest will be revealed later!


Karen--Your animation looks so good so far, the character is really creative and well designed too. I can't wait to see your final animation!

The style of your illustrations is so sweet. I admire it, I can tell it's your work when I look at it. I think your character development is really strong so far. I like that you have thought about what your character will look like from various perspectives. Additionally, I like how to show us the character in its environment and then zoom in on the facial expression of the character, it helps to create a powerful animation.

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