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October 30, 2007

beth brinkley- sketchbook post 5

sketch book entry 7-Beth Brinkley

sketchbook #6.jpg
These are the first few pages of my zine and I am not sure if I should have a similar page layout... whether it bores the eye or helps focus my points... Let me know what you think!

Sketchbook 07 - Dusty Fields

My Zine concept has changed. I was sitting in downtown Minneapolis yesterday doing my sketches for the zine. As I watched people walk by, I noticed that 90% of the people dress similar and carry the same objects. This gave me an idea.

My original idea was to create a wilderness survival zine. But, as I was creating the zine, I realized that I should create a downtown survival guide. It should be a satire, making fun of the downtown folk.

Here is a snippet of some of my sketches.


Sketchbook 7 - Karl Noelle


Here's a section of my zine...I'll be adding some pictures in the blank spaces.

Sketchbook 7 - Laura Peterson


just a sketch for my zine when i was going to do something associated with the downtown bar scene. i'm steering away from that though because it's just boring.

i've actually since gotten a better idea and have begun drawing dreams that i've had and that my roommates have told me. if i can actually get them into illustrative form i'll be happy.

October 29, 2007

3 pages from my zine


These are just a few pages from my zine, I have decided to change it to what if everyone you knew was either a fruit or a vegetable.

Myhli - Sketchbook 7

one of my zine pages...not done yet but a rough idea. I wanted to write down what the place was and how it relates to me but looking at the page i feel like there's too much text. Any suggestions?

Danielle Warzala - sketch 7 cont.

This is a horrible picture. I know we are supposed to post nice clean looking images but like I said before everything I have right now is a mess of torn out sketches. I want to put everything on a nice background that I've watercolor painted. I plan on using watercolor in all of my pages. Although I'm not sure if I want to print it in color yet. At first I was just adding watercolor so that if I did print it out in black and white there would be texture and value changes. Anyway I liked these drawings I did of people floating away with balloons. I think they will look more like they are floating when I arrange them on a blue watercolor background with the clouds.

Danielle Warzala - sketch 7

I decided to not go with the whole adding pictures and magazine collage idea. It was hard to do that with such small pages and still have the zine be illustration heavy. I know this picture doesn't give much away as far as what my illustrations are like inside the zine, but my ideas and sketches are everywhere right now.

Sketchook7 Lisa Reed

another zine sketch

Sketchbook 7 - Buck

Working out some of the stylistic issues for my zine.

October 27, 2007

Sketchbook 7 Jenny Olson

ipodsketch copy.jpg

This is just some brainstorming for my zine illustrations. I am going to be doing my zine on ipod etiquette. The illustrations are suppose to be reminiscent of the ipod advertisements, with the silhouette of the human figure.

October 24, 2007

Jeff Zine

sorry about my last post that wasn't for this class. This is an idea of a layout for a page in my zine. sorry i couldn't get it to be posted in landscape format. I would appreciate the feedback.

October 23, 2007

Walid Raad - Walker Lecture

Walker Art Center Lecture,
Thursday, October 25, 7pm

"Join artist Walid Raad for a performative lecture on his writing and visual art, which grapples with the representation of traumatic events of collective historical dimensions and the ways that film, video, and photography function as documents of physical and psychological violence. His recent work includes The Atlas Group (1989–2004), a project composed of audio, visual, and literary elements dealing with the contemporary history of Lebanon, particularly the Lebanese wars from 1975 to 1991. Raad teaches at Cooper Union in New York, and his pieces have been shown at documenta 11 in Kassel, Germany, the Venice Biennale, and the Whitney Biennial, among many others. Copresented by Mizna."

Polly Becker Lecture

Friday, Oct. 26, 1pm


Artist: Milton Glaser - Jarid Johnson


My artist/illustrator/graphic designer is Milton Glaser



October 22, 2007

Sketchbook 6-Laura N Peterson

For my zine I am going to do a sort of events calendar by day of the week for things going on in minneapolis. by 'going on' i mean drink specials, live music, the best nights at certain places, activities, games, food, etc. all having to do with nightlife in minneapolis...probably strictly downtown but i'm going to try to include dinkytown too.

to ensure that it is not too text driven i am going to hand write everything and push the ornate-ness of certain characters (like the days of the week heading on each page) as well as include illustrations of certain bars' signs/stages/landmarks.

i don't like the tiny book that is created by the template, i'd like a little more space to work with so i'm looking into larger sizes and binding options.

sketchbook 6 - Jarid Johnson

I am the reason my father killed himself

I didn't make this graphic, it is actually from a blog site call post sectet. but I just wanted to share this site with everyone in the class, even though i am sure a lot of you guys have already heard about it. Its a place where people anonymously send in a secret of theirs to ultimately share with the world. I always enjoy checking postsecret out weekly, because it can be very thought provoking. It shows people expressing themselves, the deepest and most secret part of themselves that usually wouldn't ever come out. A lot of secrets are also done very well in use of typography, layout and graphics. And the site usually gives me inspiration in some of my work. So check it out if ya want!


Sketchbook 6 - karen de Queiroz


Just some sketches for my zine idea.

Ghost Found


This is basically a doodle I did a little while ago, this might be what the cover will look like, butg obviously not in color.

R1 Class Nurburgring

I filtered this image and screen printed it for another class.


Some little monster face sketches. Working on crazy coffee people sketches tomorrow.

Sketch 6- Chelsea Eckberg

random 041.jpg

So I am not quite sure what I want to do for my zine, but this is one of my favorite paintings I have done in the past year and I really wanted to incorporate it in my zine. I was thinking the cover...For my zine I was thinking about doing collages using pictures I have taken and drawings i've done and possibly adding poems that I like or things I have written. Not sure yet..

Danielle Warzala - sketch 6

Here is just an idea I had for the cover of my zine. I wanted to have a collage of images that I've either drawn, taken as pictures, or found in magazines on every page. I will focus more on the illustrations and integrating the lyrics effectively.

Sketchbook 6 - Dusty Fields


This is a rough of the cover for my 'zine. I am creating a wilderness survival zine with either eight or sixteen tips/instructions. If I do eight, there will be a full illustration on one page, and the instructions on the other page. If I do sixteen, there will be a smaller illustration on the same page with each instruction/tip.

I am not sure what other media I want to use. I could incorporate photos from my camping/hiking adventures.

Lisa Reed Sketchbook6

Rough sketch of idea for zine

Sketchbook 6 - Karl Noelle

For my zine, I want to illustrate some of the things you could change on your vw/audi. The antenna being one of them. Here's a sample picture of what I'm going to draw:


Also, I want to include some concept drawing from these brands, just to show that the designers have the same ideas that enthusiasts have:


sketchbook 6- Jennie Carley

sketchbook 5

This is an idea I'm playing around with where the reader gets to choose a character or personality by choosing the features or outfits or pets that each page offers. I'm not quite sure if this goes well enough with the zine idea or not. I was also considering using funny words and drawing shoes that I think embody their meanings.

Sketch 6 -JonathanK


Sketchbook 6 - Myhli

In my zine I'm going to be using photos I've taken on my trips to Laos and Thailand..Using text to describe the moment the photo was taken or my thoughts at the moment. I'm leaning more towards my thoughts at the moment the photo was taken. As for illustrations every photo will have different drawings depending on the photo.

Here are two of the photos I will be using.
laos001.jpg laos002.jpg

All photos will be in black and white.

Sketchbook 6 - Buck

Trying to get some ideas rolling for my 'emo' zine



October 21, 2007

Sketch Book 6-Jenny Olson

I am currently working out how I am going to portray what life was like before/after the onset of ipods. I am thinking that I my illustrations will similar to the style of the ipod commercials and billboards. Everything is going to be printed on colorful cardstock. The cover illustration is still being worked out. I sort of want to do a stamp/lino print. Also, I'm going to increase the size a little (using a 11x17 inch sheet rather than the legal size) and bind it using some sort of string like material.

sketch book 5- Chelsea Eckberg

October 19, 2007

Sketchbook 9 - Jarid Johnson

"It's ALL above my head"

October 18, 2007


I fixed the time of the last frame so that the image is visible longer. This is done with markers and paint markers.

Todd McFarlane - Spawn


Danielle Warzala - Sketch 5

Sketchbook 5 - Dusty Fields

Sketch Book 5 - Luke Mills

Changed the titles, and closing. added some color and some sound.
Had a bunch of trouble getting it to play smoothly once it was uploaded. Hope it works for everyone.

Jonathan Knisely

Sketchbook 5 - Myhli

Sketchbook 5 - Karl Noelle

October 17, 2007

TV for Breakfast

Sketchbook 5 - Laura Peterson

Sketchbook5 Lisa Reed

For my final animation I decided to make the doll green so that the attention was on the doll at the end when it is running away from the little girl (Cari, which is my little sister's name. She would always drag her dolls around and more than one has lost an arm or a leg. She also gets distracted easily and leaves things laying around, so I portrayed that in my animation when the girl forgets about the doll when she sees the candy!!)

Sketchbook 5 (animation) - Karen D

My animation! I edited a couple of slides so you wouldn't see the faint lines behind the other pages, and I removed the opening title I had put in with WMM.

animation-Jennie Carley



Check it out, I'm going with my roommate if anyone else would like to join us. If you haven't gone to an event like this, I recommend doing so. Talking to artists about their work and just chatting in general is a great time!

October 16, 2007

KIOSK (XX): Modes of Multiplication

Midway Contemporary Art


exhibition design by Mitchell Dose and Brian Jorgenson
September 8th – October 27th
Preview Reception: September 8th, 7-9PM

"KIOSK: Modes of Multiplication is a nomadic exhibition of artist books, catalogs, periodicals, video and audio projects that has been continually growing as it has traveled over the past seven years. It currently comprises approximately 6,000 titles from roughly 400 independent publishers from around the world. The project provides a rich overview of activities within the rapidly expanding field of independent publishing activities from the past ten years. Consequently, it offers a broad perspective on the various models of dissemination and distribution of artistic ways of working in printed media and an idea of the diverse strategies, motivations and programs of the participating publishers’ projects."

Andrew Buck - Animation

Moogle & Ding

I edited out a couple frames and added more to the end.

Zine Information


DIY Culture: http://www.somethingilearnedtoday.org/introduction4.html
Zinewiki: http://zinewiki.com
Zinebook: http://zinebook.com/
Zinelibrary.net: http://zinelibrary.net
Papercut Zine Library: www.papercutzinelibrary.org (Resources page)
Midwest Zine Collective: http://www.midwestzines.org
Fall of Autumn: http://www.fallofautumn.com/
Microcosm Publishing: http://www.microcosmpublishing.com/ (a big distro)

Template: http://caption.org/2002/minicomics/
Instructional Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Xh1W15BWCUk
Reproduction Guide: Download file


Arise! Bookstore: www.arisebookstore.org
Extreme Noise Records: www.extremenoise.com
May Day Books: www.maydaybookstore.org
Bat Annex Library: www.belfrycenter.wetpaint.com
Steven Square Center for the Arts: www.stevensarts.org
Dreamhaven Books: www.dreamhavenbooks.com
Minnesota Center for Book Arts: www.mnbookarts.org/

October 14, 2007

Sketchbook 5-Jenny Olson

My final animation; the concept is very simple...the bird is flying and runs into a window and dies.

October 13, 2007

Sketchbook 5 - final animation - Jarid Johnson

You never know what gonna happen that day when you open up that door and take a step outside. Especially if you are blind

- I used google video instead of youtube, so then you can download this in mp4 format if you that would meet you fancy.

October 10, 2007

Jeff-sketch 4

this is a poster i am working on in my computer applications class

October 9, 2007

sketchbook 4 - Jarid Johnson

just the rough storyboard of my final animation idea

Sketchbook 4 - Karl Noelle


Here's another frame of my animation. My character is about to approach his obstacle.

October 8, 2007


Does anyone know how to add music to animation in Flash? I can try to figure it out tomorrow, but I was just wondering if the song file had to be in mp3 format. If I want to put music to it should I just bring the song I want on a CD or can I email to myself as an mp3? Thanks!

Sketchbook 4 - Karen de Queiroz


This is drawings for my animation. You can see the faint lines of the drawings behind this one, because I'm using tracing paper.

sketchbook 4 - Luke Mills

I was just checking out other robot animations to see what my competition was like.

Sketchbook 4 - Dusty Fields

For this week's sketchbook, I thought I would include some links I found when researching hand animation techniques.

http://library.thinkquest.org/25398/DrawnAni.html - This web site has a great selection of tutorials for drawing techniques when animating.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_animation - This is the classic Wikipedia article on traditional animation. A great resource for learning how to get drawings digitalized for animation.

http://www.cinematical.com/2006/12/19/back-to-hand-drawing-for-disney/ - I thought this is an interesting article. Apparently Disney is going back to the traditional hand-drawn animation.

Danielle Warzala- sketch4

love this commercial. It's so simple.

There was also this really sweet animation I wanted to share with everyone but the embedded url was apparently disabled. So here is the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=uhEZO0VP8-A

I guess the project was never finished, but I love how it appears to zoom and pan. I think that is really hard to do with animation. . .definately a challenge I have to overcome. Plus, the illustrations themselves are so sketchy and rough. I really like that style.

As far as our animation for class, I've used a scanner to scan my images. Maybe if some of you haven't started scanning and plan on it, just to give you an idea of how much time it takes, I had 100 images and it took about 2 and a half hours to scan them all. It was very tedious, but it actually worked well and wasn't horrible. I'm using Flash to put together my project and I really like the options that Flash offers. If you've never used Flash before I'm not sure it would be so easy to figure out without help.

jonathan knisely - animation

Download file


super labor intensive

but the product is pretty cool

monster eating TV


These are just a few of the frames from my animation, I can't wait until he actually eats the tv, it's been taking a long time for him to get even close to eating it.

Sketchbook 4 - Laura Peterson

Download file

this is what i have so far for my animation. it was my experimentation process and i've realized how long it is going to take to complete the final animation. every process is so tedious and the lighting situation is going to be very hard to control. i'm looking forward to thursday afternoon when this project is done!

sketchbook 4-Jennie Carley

sketchbook 4a.jpg

Just bored with a pen....

Sketchbook4 Lisa Reed

I did this drawing using a fine tip black marker. It is done completely with dots (stipple drawing).

Sketchbook 4 - Myhli

My portfolio review is coming up this Friday..I spent the entire weekend revising work piece (especially my McNeal drawing)...My original piece had pillars that I don't think were too realistic, they were a bit flat..so here's my try at making it look more round and realistic


October 7, 2007

Sketchbook 4- Andrew Buck

I initially thought a white board would a great idea for this project. I even though it would simplify the animation process! Well you can tell by the picture that I ran into a couple of issues that not even Photoshop could help with.

For starters, even though I tried to control the lighting but it still varies from panel to panel, a glare appears in different spots throughout the white board which interferes with the image. After an image has been erased and redrawn several times the white board becomes contaminated with erasable ink fuzz.


October 4, 2007

Sketch Book 4, Jenny Olson

This is after a lot of searching for images of birds and how their wings move as they fly. I changed my animation narrative a bit. I think it will still work!!

sketch book 4- Beth Brinkley


So this is my girl evolving into the orange and I am receding the kitchen line by line and then ill have the orange peel but ill use real orange peels. I am having fun doing this and am getting more ideas as I go a long. Its going to be a treat to see everyone else's on Thursday!

October 3, 2007

animation and the process of animation

sweet white board drawing


jonathan knisely


some mo roughs

October 2, 2007

Yoshitaka Amano

Here's a few links to Amano's works.
Amano's World/
The Art of Yoshitaka Amano

And here's a link to the video I showed in class:

I think the whole movie is uploaded on youtube, just follow the parentheses order. The movie, Angel's Egg, contains little dialog and very small amount of vigorous actions. It makes up for that using Amano's drawing abilities as well as the kind of quirky story.


Below are some of the images I presented in class. Also, I've posted the link to Laurie Hogin's website. ENJOY! I highly recommend reading through some of her writings, it will help you to better understand her work.


photoshop tutorial

here's the animation tutorial for photoshop. He starts with all his layers already in photoshop but I'm assuming you all know how to paste objects (or sketches) into new layers


October 1, 2007

Sketchbook 3 - Karl Noelle

sketch 3.jpg

This is my character for my animation. It's just a simple outline of the human figure. He's going to be walking for a while and then suddenly come up to a brick wall. The character will grow larger (kind of like the Hulk) and smash the wall down and continue walking.

sketch book entry 3-Beth Brinkley

This is the first sketch that I have ready for my animation. This story lineis about a girl in the 1950's who is making orange juice in the kitchen and then turns into an orange. The end of the story is her head poping out of the life size orange. So far so good,but feel free to tell me what you think.

sketchbook3- jeff

I paused a movie and drew this image from the television screen

Sketchbook 3 -Lukas Mills


These are just some character development sketches of a robot character I plan to use. I'm going to use marker for the final animation, but I have not decided weather to do it on paper or dry erase board yet.

Sketchbook 3 - Danielle Warzala


Here are just some rough ideas on how to get my frog character to jump and dance. I plan on using micron pens and this special tracing paper that happens to be less transparent than the kind you can buy at the school store. My idea behind the story is basically this frog, who is starving for the viewers attention, trying to dance and hop to show off. There are going to be moving stars in the background, symbolizing his hunger for fame and the spotlight, and he jumps off the page a few times. The last time he lands it's supposed to look like he jumped so high that he hit one of the stars in the sky and now one of the points of the star is stuck in his head.

Sketchbook 03 - Dusty Fields

My animation consists of a fish that is chillin' and minding his own business. Suddenly, two fishing lines with bait drop in the water. The fish looks at them, laughs, then ties the two lines together. It is supposed to be "cartoony." The first image is what I referenced the character from, and the second image is my main character.


For Credit of the above image: http://www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/sustain/images/walleye.jpg


Rosenquist -- Artist presentation Laura Peterson

Download file
Here's a link to my artist presentation powerpoint. his website is really sweet too which I'll add the link AND i highly recommend seeing his painting at the Weisman.


Sketchbook 3 - Laura Peterson


This is a video that I found on youtube as an inspiration for my animation. i like the perspective and the use of color. its simplicity intrigues me.

however, i cannot figure out how to get the video to upload instead of just the website. i'm youtube challenged I guess....

sketchbook 3-Jennie Carley


I'm doing an animation of a guy who loses hold of his balloon and then is given another later so that it can hopefully be a looped animation. Any thoughts on which guy best fits the character? I'm leaning towards the fat guy with glasses.

Sketch 3- Chelsea Eckberg

Some of you may have heard of Don Hertzfeldt and know his work. I think he is a great animator and wanted to share one of his videos with you. His work has inspired me and I love the humor.

The title of this animation is called rejected.

Sketchbook 3 - Myhli

Here are three different sketch ideas of how my characters will look like in the animation.