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November 30, 2007



So here is a great website for all things graphic novel:


I would consider looking through it (it also has some more obscure books that are popular in Europe and haven't made it over here). There is an "online comics" section that you might want to check out to look at examples or different styles. Have I converted any of you yet?

Myhli - Artist Presentations

Kao Lee Thao

Here is the website that I found most of Kao Lee's photos

Her myspace. It seems like Kao Lee is inspired from everything. She's been known to paint photos of Myspace friends.

Her Folklore Studio web with her 3D stuff and animation
Folklore Studio

November 28, 2007

Sketchbook11 Lisa Reed


This is the front of the postcard that i plan on using, the text on the back says:
Hello Cousin Vaughn-
How do you think I look. Mama says I look the most like myself. What do you think? With love, Mabel Cullen.

I want to do my graphic novel based on a really jealous girl who is concerned with her looks, and takes her jealousy too far??? Something like that, the little girl on the front just looks kind of unhappy and has an evil look on her face.

Sketchbook 11 - Laura Peterson

postcards front.jpg

this is the postcard i am going to use for my graphic novel. the text on the other side reads:
Dear Bruce,
We saw the Ocean. Were
the waves
ever big.
Jerry M
it's addressed to Master Bruce Seebeck

for my style i want to use the dark shadow feel, like the tree is in the picture, with colorful/more detailed backgrounds. for my story i'm developing a story line around Master Bruce being a jewel thief who sends his sniveling assistant Jerry M on his missions to get the jewels. The message on the card will be a code message for Jerry to let Bruce know he got the goods.

Myhli - Sketchbook 11

I will be using the postcard above. When reading the postcard it felt like old friends who had lost touch with one another and the one writing the postcard, Rosa, is trying desperately to keep the friendship she has with Anna (the receiver). So my narrative will be about two friends who as kids promised to attend a catholic college together when they get older (idea from the front of the postcard that says St. Mary's). But as people grow ideas and views change, Anna decides not to attend a Catholic school so Rosa says some harsh stuff because she feels that a valued promise had been broken. As for the drawings I think I will be using a lot of flashbacks to help build up the story and bring more emotions into these two characters.

November 27, 2007

Sketchbook 11-Jenny Olson



This is the post card that I am planning on using for my graphic novel. My idea came to me after reading about the Ganges river and the problem that has been going on for some time now with people dumping dead bodies into it and tanneries not disposing of chemicals properly and raw sewage getting dumped into it as well. (While it's not the only place on Earth that is heavily polluted, it happens to be what I was reading about the other day). Anyway, my narrative is about the two girls in the picture that were on a ship when it sank, but they survived and made it to a remote island that had been inhabited by other people. With the worsening situation of the environment they have had to create ways to sustain themselves. One such way is living in a bubble that protects them from the harsh particles that are in the atmosphere. This is just the beginning. I'm working on developing the idea and am already looking at changing the narrative.

Sketchbook 11 - buck

post card:

Front reads: Calls are what get results
Back reads: Dear Luella: Thank you very much for the grand assortment of postmarks you have sent me. Say I have a little friend that would like to exchange cards. Here name is Neoma Burnham.

Sincerely, Nita

Sketchbook 11 - Jarid Johnson

These are designs for a logo and heading that I am working on for a new theater company in the twin cities area. If you have any ideas or criticism send em my way.

Sketchbook 11 - Karl Noelle

My graphic novel was inspired by the postcard below. I got the idea during our brainstorming session. I'm going to have the writing on the back of the postcard be secret FBI code for an undercover cop that is communicating some type of secret information to his superior.

The story will start out with the undercover cop watching some drugs or illegal items being traded or dealt. Then the cop will go to his room and write the postcard. I haven't decided on the age of this undercover cop yet, since the handwriting is very "child like" and the sentences don't show a high level of thought or intelligence.

Anyway...I'm thinking that the undercover cop will end up being discovered and abandoned in the middle of nowhere by the drug lords.

-smalldeer postcard_back.jpg

-smalldeer postcard_front.jpg

November 26, 2007

Sketchbook 11 - Dusty Fields

For the graphic novel, I will be creating a story about a boy who is haunted by "killer" waves. I got the idea from the postcard with the boy describing the large waves. I pictured this boy seeing the waves and thinking they are evil and out to get him.

Because the photo on the postcard was taken from "17-mile" drive, I would like the story to start with a family in a car driving alongside the ocean. The boy is in the back seat and is observing the "killer" waves. The waves will sneak onto land and alongside the car, frightening the boy. The parents don't notice because every time they look back, the waves disappear.

While at the hotel room, the boy is writing the postcard about the large waves. An evil wave sneaks up to the window of the hotel room...

I'm not sure where to take it from there. Here is an example of a cover I did in illustrator.


Danielle Warzala - sketch 11

For this entry I would like to share with you the script I came up with for the graphic novel assignment. I picked the postcard with the three white-tailed deer on the front. The message on back read:

Dear Grandma and Grandpa
I have seven pet frogs.
I am catching lots of fish.
Love, Rod

The first shot is of a spaceship and you can't tell who is inside it, but talk bubbles are saying ...
"It's time to put our evil plan to action." and "The earthlings will never know what hit them."

Then I want to cut to a shot of alien frogs. One smart and diabolical looking, the other quite the opposite.
The slow talking one says, "Uh........Martin? What exactly is our evil plan?"

Then to a picture of Martin the frog saying,
"I went over this with you a thousand times, Marvin! We find an innocent, feeblish earthling child to fall victim to our devilish mind control powers. Then, in a bout of our extreme intelligence we take what we want & BOOM! ..... Earth will never be the same again."

Then a picture of Marvin. Scratching his head thoughtfully,
"Oh, yeah."

Now a picture of the control room of the spaceship with earth huge in the window. The seven frogs backs to the viewer looking at the earth another anonymous frog says,
"Alright, it's time to land."

A shot of the spaceship careening down to earth. Talk bubble says, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Then a picture of the crashed spaceship on land. Talk bubbles coming out saying things like,
"Ribbit" "MARVIN!" and "Sorry."

Next a picture of the frogs outside the crashed spaceship in a group with Martin in front pointing and him saying,
"Alright everyone, looks like we're in luck! There's a small ignorant-looking boy straight ahead!"
Everyone else simultaneously, "Let's get him!"

Now a picture with 7 frogs surrounding the boy who says,
"Aw! What cute STUPID little frogs!"
The frogs all have their eyes closed and are saying, "mmmmmmmmmmm" (they are trying to use their mind control powers)

Next a picture with the boy really close to one of the frogs saying,
"They look like they're sleeping ....... such stupid frogs."

Now a close-up picture of the little boy's "Dennis the Menace type face" (face with an evil evil expression and also he's also holding a scissors) and a talk bubble that says,
"Come here little froggie woggies!! We are going to have lots of fun!!!"

next close up of the scissors cutting a rope

Then a picture of a huge net falling over the frogs that appear to be meditating but are trying to use their "mind control powers" Swoosh!
"HA HA HA HA" evil laugh from little boy over the shot.

A picture of the little boy walking away carrying the frogs in a net. Talk bubbles coming from the net,
"Uh......Martin?" and "WHAT?!"

Lastly, a shot of all the frogs squished in the net, legs, feet, arms, and hands everywhere and Martin and Marvin's faces squished close together.
"Is this what you meant by Earth will never be the same again??"


Front of postcard


back of postcard

back postcard.jpg

This is the back of the postcard that I got this weekend, I love he little message cause there are so many things I could do with it. The front is pretty great.

Artist Presentation- Jennie Carley

Download file

These are the slides from the presentation, MIchael Chesworth's site is crashbangboom.com and these are all available on his site. The file is a power point but if it's too big everything is on the site.

sketchbook 11-Jennie Carley


I'm choosing to use the postcard with the woman standing alone on the front written to Pam. My storyline uses the fact that the card was mailed to a P.O. box instead of an address and Pam is a homeless person. The two frames at the bottom are my start to describing her, living in a box and covering up with a newspaper. The other part of the card that I wanted to focus on was that "Al" is having health problems but the reading was a little hard to understand so I'm making up a plot where "Al's" wife is the writer of the card and he is forcing her to tell his sister that everything is ok. Still working on how it ends, any ideas?

November 25, 2007

Sketch 10- Chelsea Eckberg

Hallowen 2007 039.jpg

I sat with this angle to practice foreshortening and challenge myself.

Sketch 9- Chelsea Eckberg

Hallowen 2007 036.jpg

I really liked how the clothing lay on the body and concentrated on drawing the wrinkles in the clothing.

November 22, 2007

Jeff Clothing

I focused in on the clothing of the figure and tried to get all the important detail of the cloth

Jeff Abstract

I was not inspired by the pose of the figure so I abstracted the perception to make it interesting

Jeff Figure Abstract

I really focused in on the fabric the figure was wearing and tried to make it seem realistic

November 20, 2007

James Jean


Alright, If you want to check out more of James Jeans work I recommend the following:

Process Recess

This is his blog, where he posts images of projects he is working on and sometimes comments briefly on his process. Prepare yourself to lose an hour or two going through the blog archive.

This site also has his store where you can buy his book, prints of various projects, and if you have a ton of extra cash you can buy some of his original art.

Professional Website

This is his online portfolio. Shows all his published work, as well as a lot of unpublished stuff from his sketchbooks.

Polite Winter

This site is basically an illustrated story/conversation going back and fourth between James, and Kenichi Hoshine. It hasn't been updated in a long while, but it's got some really interesting stuff.



Jonathan Knisely Figure 2

IMG_6747 (1).jpg

Jonathan Knisely Figure 1

IMG_6746 (1).jpg

Some dark force is apparently working against me in my attempts to post my figure drawings. First My digital camera breaks, then the loaner camera I got dosnt have a charged battery. I contemplated taking some pictures with my phone but they would have ended up about 20 x 30 pixels. FINALLY I borrowed my sisters camera.

sorry 'bout the rant...


Here is some more information on the Artist/Designer I did my presentation on.

tori amos (sleeps with butterlies)

Did the digital background information.

Aya's Homepage

Link to Hitachi Ad Site

Aya did all the design and concept work for this online game/advertisement

" I am purely making this pleasureful moment a remembrance of being alive. This is foundation of all my work." A.K.

Sketchbook 10 - Karl Noelle

November 19, 2007

Luke Sketchbook10

sketchbook10 007.jpg

challenging perspective for me. Think it worked out ok for the most part.

Sketchbook 10 - Dusty Fields

I tried to draw a different perspective. This was very difficult because of her position. It was hard not to make the drawing look awkward. It still has an odd look, but it looks a lot better than it did before. Her leg appeared to continue off the page. I added a little closure to it.


Lucy's reposted figure drawing




sketchbook 10-Jennie Carley

side profile

sketchbook 9- Jennie Carley

woman sitting

Paul Churchill lecture

Industrial Light and Magic effects artist
Paul Churchill will present a lecture
at 1:00PM on November 29th.

The Twin Cities Chapter of ACM's SIGGRAPH
and The Arts Institutes International Minnesota
are proud to present ILM effects artist
Paul Churchill as he discusses visual effects
shots from recent ILM feature film projects.

The talk will take place from 1:00PM-3:00PM
in Room 201 of Opus Hall on the Downtown
Minneapolis Campus of the University of
St. Thomas at 1000 LaSalle Avenue.
The lecture is free and open to all.

Paul is a pioneer in Minnesota computer animation,
having worked at Bajus Jones, and Lamb & Company, in
the 80's and the 90's. Since 1998 he has been an
artist for ILM, creating effects for several
feature films, including Transformers, Pirates of the
Caribbean, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Directions and parking information can be found at

Sketchbook 10 - Laura Peterson


i did this one in a very short time and was surprised how decent it turned out...

Myhli Sketchbook 10


I am awful at drawing faces so for this figure drawing I wanted to concentrate more on the face rather than the body.

Sketchbook 10 - Jarid Johnson

"Sit. Turn your head and cough."

Sketch book 10-Jenny Olson


In this figure drawing I was really trying to work with the different textures of the fabric and develop her hand. These two areas I find to be where I struggle in drawing.

November 18, 2007

Danielle Warzala - sketch 10

Danielle Warzala - sketch 9 redo

Sketchbook 10 - Karen De Queiroz


Sketchbook 9 (replacement)- Karen De queiroz

Since we're allowed to pick the best two out of all drawing that we've done for the figure drawings, I'm replacing my previous sketchbook 9 with this one.


Sketchbook10 Lisa Reed


Sketchbook 9 - Jarid Johnson

"It's ALL above my head"

November 17, 2007

Sketchbook 10 - buck

For this figure drawing I wanted to focus on maintain accurate proportions of the head, especially since I didn't include one in my last portrait.

Rosalux Gallery Show

John Diebel & James Wrayge
New Work

normal_Pravda 72dpi.jpg

1011 Washington Avenue S
(Open Book)
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Gallery Hours:
wednesday-thursday : 12-8pm
friday-sunday : noon-5pm

November 15, 2007

Jonathan K SB 9 (REDO)


Take Two

(last one was sideways)

November 14, 2007

Sketchbook 9 - Laura Peterson


November 13, 2007

Beth Brinkley- Sketch book post 10

second sketch.jpg
I felt like I was "warming up" more ith figure drawing again this session. I am trying to use a strong light, dark and "happy" medium of tones. Does it seem that way to ya'll?

beth brinkley- sketch book post 9

first sketch.jpg
This was the best one that I had of our first session.... However, I do feel that every semester I need time to "warm back up" to figure drawing!

Sketchbook 8 - karen d

And here's a little art I did on this website I found out about: http://artpad.art.com
Here's the art: http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?jr6e0qxb09w
It's a pretty cool site that you draw things and you can replay what was done. It gets a little laggy at the end if you'll notice. Oh, and I suggest putting on fast forward or skip to end if you don't want to wait too long.

*edited for separate post*

Sketchbook 7 - Karen de Queiroz

Here is sketchbook 7 which was part of when I was doing the zine.

edited for separate posts.

Sketchbook 9 - Karen De Queiroz

For some reason my sketchbook SEVEN did not appear here, (and eight I never did oops!) So here's my sketchbook 9 followed by seven and eight.

November 12, 2007

Sketchbook 9 - Karl Noelle


Sketchbook 09 Dusty Fields


This is my figure drawing. I chose not to do a whole body, and compose the "traditional" portrait. I played around with shading and lighting to help give the figure more depth.

Lucy's figure drawing


Franklin ArtWorks Opening

Franklin Artworks: http://www.franklinartworks.org/
Opening Reception: Saturday November 17, 6-8pm

Nicola López: Constriction Zone
The New York-based artist Nicola López will premiere a site-specific installation and monumental drawing that continue her fascination with how technological growth and sprawl are shaping our contemporary landscape.

g. bradley rhodes: as if you know me
The Brooklyn-based artist will present a series of three paintings, composed of cut-out, painted and drawn collaged figures and environments on panel, that explore the emotional complications of the contemporary world.

Qiu Anxiong: Minguo Landscape
The Shanghai-based Qiu Anxiong will present his acclaimed trio of animated videos which examine 20th century Chinese history and comment on the ills of present day culture to jarringly poetic effects.

Qiu's animations are derived by filming and later manipulating a series of black and white oil paintings, which appear identical to traditional ink wash drawings. The videos, Fly South (2005), Jiangnan Poem (2006) and Minguo Landscape (2006) feature panoramic landscapes dotted with ancient and modern structures that are peopled with rural figures, armies, animals and insects. A devout Buddhist and student of Confucian classics, Qiu's works are "the paradigm of quietude and detachment." (Chang Tsong-Zung)

Richard Smykowski lecture


When: Wednesday, Nov. 14, 1 p.m.
Where: MCAD, Auditorium 150

Richard Smykowski (BFA '00) is an art director for Nickelodeon, where he heads a creative team working on projects ranging from Web design and illustration to television and film. His clients include Comedy Central, Spike TV, T-Shirt Hell, Nicktoons, Sci Fi Channel, Paramount Pictures, VH1, Camp Beverly Hills, Food Network and USA Network.


Luke Mills Sketchbook 9


I had some trouble getting a decent picture since my little tripod is too short to use for a picture this large.
Also, why is it I can easily erase dark lines, but errant fingerprints are impossible to remove? curse you charcoal.

Myhli Sketchbook 9

Sketchbook 9- Jennie C


updated animations

will those of you who changed your animations after presenting them post the updates on the blog as a file? I need to compile them for display and want to make sure I have the most updated version. Don't post them as embedded videos (like the youtube vids) just as files that I can download...and asap please!


Sketchbook 9 - Buck

Sketchbook9 Lisa Reed

second day figure drawing

November 11, 2007

Printing Issues Help!

I am having major problems with printing. I've driven to the Office Max in
Maplewood, the one in the Quarry, the UPS store, and Kinkos on Snelling and
none of these places could print for me. The main reason being the way I
put together my project. It's very delicate and with the collage format the
way it is each place told me if they put it through the rollers it would
probably be ruined. The places that told me they can scan 12 by 18 it ends
up cutting off a pretty large chunk of the pages because the printer puts a
border around it. I was going to just go with that and print it dispite a
portion being cut off but no place I went to could get the front and back
template to line up so that I can fold it properly. I don't know what to

I've tried so many places and asked them what to do and I got nothing.
I thought if I print the front and back seperately and glue two pieces
together that might work but they can never line it up so the opposite edge
is always cut off so even that wouldn't work very well. Plus, when I went
to Kinko's they only had 3 sheets of 12 by 18 paper left to print on and
the paper I brought them they told me I couldn't print on. So I don't know
where to get regular 12 by 18 sheet paper I've looked everywhere. I spent
about 3 hours today trying to print this and got nowhere and now I'm really
not sure what to do????

Has anyone had these same issues and could tell me how to get the template lined up. If someone did get there's printed and it worked out please tell me where you went. And where can I get 12 by 18 regular printing paper not drawing paper.

Thank you!!!!

November 9, 2007

Sketchbook 9 Jenny Olson


I have to say that this was one of the hardest figure drawings I've attempted, and it's not really finished.

November 7, 2007

Large format copy/scan services

I've been calling several local printing companies, and none of them can scan my 12x18 zine. They keep telling me that 11x17 is the largest they can go without chopping anything off. Does anybody in our class have a 12x18 zine that they have made copies of yet?

I'm not sure where else to look...


Ok I went to the Office Max at the Quarry and their largest scanner is also 11x17. However, the guy told me that certain Office Max's have what's called a "zoomer" which is a scanner/copier with an 18x24 glass!

He told me that the Maplewood Office Max has this machine. Here's the address:

1731 Beam Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109 (Office Max)

...and a link to a picture with directions:


I haven't been there...but I'm going tomorrow. If you're going to a different Office Max, just call ahead and ask if they have a zoomer. I bet they'll know exactly what you're talking about.

Laura Peterson - Sketchbook 8


Here are two pages from my zine. i'm going with the theme of dreams and their meanings. the top one i am going to hand color the copies over the areas of text that are talking about each specific color. the second one is fairly obvious, i hope. let me know what y'all think!

Sketchbook 8 - Karl Noelle

blog 8.jpg

This is one of the finished pages for my zine. I'm really proud of the whole racetrack idea, and how it shows depth.

November 6, 2007

Sketchbook 8 - Dusty Fields

For another class, I am creating collages related to vision. For this particular collage I am making a TV with "eye" related objects. I am also signifying the various waves that come out of televisions to your eye. These collages will later be traced in illustrator and color will be added.


Update: Haha, I forgot to explain why I posted this to the blog! The style I am trying to achieve is related to a comic book/graphic novel. For our graphic novel assignment, I am not sure if we are able to use illustrator like I used for the above image, but this is the style I want to achieve in our next assignment. Now, I am not going to use the above image for our graphic novel assignment, but I do want to achieve the same style. If we can't use illustrator, I will probably use pen outline with marker to color.

I haven't come up with any good ideas yet for the graphic novel as far as a story line. I want to do something with a talking wolf. Its quirky. We'll just have to see what happens.

Myhli - Sketchbook 8


two pages from my zine

November 5, 2007

flyer inspired by zine


So I have a show coming up tomorrow at Big V's and I was inspired by my zine to make a flyer for it, it's a similar style to my zine, I hope looking at this flyer will cause all you 21 year olds to attend the show, but then again it is pretty lst minute. Enjoy the blistery monday!

beth brinkley- sketchbook post 8

beth and dad.jpg
This is a piece that I am working on right now for my father. the image is himself and I and I need suggestions before I start putting shadows in the drawing. I feel like I look like an anime character and he looks like a blind person. How can I fix this? I dont have any pictures of him without glasses... Should I fake his eyes? Isn't that wrong to fake things in drawing, almost a lie? Let me know!

jon k SB 7


selected images from zine

going to add wordage, poetry, thoughts around images, to create a dense crowded feeling

Luke Mills Sketchbook 8

And here's my entry for this week.
These are the inked illustrations before text and collaged elements are added.

The top is my dracula spread. The text will explain how dracula took on the role of The count on sesame street, and how every few years he feeds on one of the actors, which is why 3 or 4 different actors have played gordon.

The other spread is about the loch ness monsters sad fate.

Luke Mills Sketchbook 7


So I thought I posted this last week but I didn't see it online this week. It's some thumbnails of ideas for zine pages.

Sketchbook8 Lisa Reed

abercrombie zine spread, i'm still working on it

Sketch book - Buck

Danielle Warzala -sketchbook 8

schoolcrap 014.jpg

I've decided to print in black and white. I have two pages left to do and plan on printing Tuesday so if things go wrong I will still have all of Wednesday to try again.

November 4, 2007

Sketchbook Jeff

Mga 1.jpg
Here I have colored the design but will not have it in color in my zine. Again turn 90 degress to the left o view the design properly.

Sketchbook Jeff

This is a rough sketch for a design im working on, ill post further progress. I couldn't rotate the image for posting, turn it 90 degress to the left.

Sketchbook 8 Jenny Olson

zine copy.jpg

These are a few of my zine illustrations that I have done since our critique Thursday. I'm going to go back in and paint over the silhouettes with gouache because the permanant marker strokes are showing up.

November 1, 2007

Artist Presentation - Carl Barks

Here is all the stuff you need to know about good ol' Carl Barks:


Articles Online
Carl Barks, the Good Duck Artist - http://www.geocities.com/~jimlowe/barks/barksdex.html
Wikipedia Article - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Barks
Publications - http://coa.inducks.org/creator.php?c=CB

My Presentation with Notes (PDF)

Joe Sacco Lecture

Tuesday, November 13, 7:00 pm

"Joe Sacco combines the techniques of eyewitness reportage with graphic storytelling to explore complex, emotionally weighted situations in some of the most volatile regions of the globe. His series Palestine set new standards for the use of the comic book as a documentary medium, and his 240-page exploration of a Muslim enclave in Serbia titled Safe Area Gorazde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992–1995 received widespread critical acclaim. Sacco is praised for the depth of his research and his sensitive handling of delicate political topics as well as his dynamic layouts and sophisticated narratives. Join him for a visual tour of his celebrated approach to comics journalism. Copresented by Rain Taxi Review of Books."

An interview with Joe Sacco: http://blogs.walkerart.org/ecp/2007/10/30/joe-sacco-speaks/