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December 4, 2007

Jonathan K

new sketches to the completely new and massively improved comic idea



beth brinkley- sketchbook post 12

bscar postcard.jpg
So my postcard is about a girl questioning what other people view her has which has lead to my final idea also about a girl. Except, in my graphic novel the girl does the opposite of questioning, being oblivious.

beth brinkley- sketchbook post 11

This image started my idea for my graphic novel. I really like the solid color and it fits my story which is about a girl who has a dream about dancing and wakes up semi-stuck in her dream and unaware that she could be embarrassing herself greatly. Its got a funny-esque feel to it. I think that im going to go "the extra mile" and include color.

Dusty Fields - Sketchbook 12

The character for my novel is going to be a kid superhero. This is an example of a sketch and then a rough done in illustrator once the sketch was scanned. I will probably end up sketching the characters and then outlining them with pen, then filling them with marker. Should I add a cape?


December 3, 2007

Myhli - Sketchbook 12

Here are rough sketches of the first and second pages my graphic novel.


Luke Mills Sketchbook 11

smalldeer postcard.jpg

The text on the card talks about fishing and 7 pet frogs. So I had the idea that maybe the kid got pulled through a portal into hell while he was fishing and captured a demon and turned it into a pet frog on each level of hell while making his way out.

The story would start with him getting dragged overboard, underwater, and then through a portal into hell by somthing pulling on his line. In hell he follows the fishing line which leads to a passage to the next level which is guarded by a demon. The kid is not at all intimidated and turns him into a frog to keep as a pet... because he can. I will probably only show a full encounter with one demon, then show the kid moving to the next level and end with an aquarium filled with 7 strange looking frogs so the reader can infer what happened and I can fit the story to a manageable page count.

I am thinking about using sumi ink and brush for illustrating to give it a surreal dreamy kind of atmosphere, though i might just do that for the backgrounds and then draw the characters in pen. I need to play around for a while to see how things look & feel. Also, right now I'm planning to tell the story entirely with the visuals, so no text.

Jeff Stuart

This drawing spawned from my charcoal sketch. I really want the human form to play a big role in the narrative of my short story.

Jeff Stuart

i was just drawing, trying to come up with interesting images and figures for my graphic story

Sketchbook 11 - Karen De Queiroz


I picked the postcard with a woman named Helen writing to Vaughn (the one with the pomegranate shape picture of two girls.) What I plan for my story is this:

Helen, Mary, Vaughn, and Frances are all showgirls. Vaughn and Frances want to go "bigger" but Helen and Mary don't think it's a good idea. What pushes Vaughn and Frances to the final decision is a scene where the curtains open and there is only 5 people in the audience. They cry because it's upsetting, so they go to another city to find a better job in the show business. Helen and Mary stay and become baby sitters or something.
Vaughn and Frances find a theater that is looking for one showgirl for the main part of a dance, so they have to compete against each other. Frances win, Vaughn gets jealous, and murders her. The story ends with Vaughn reading the postcard, with the words "Have you heard from Frances" in bold.

sketchbook 12-Jennie Carley

sketchbook 12

Just working on getting my story started..

sketchbook 12 lisa reed

this is a sketch of the girl from the postcard im using, i want to use this style for my graphic novel and have this be the main character.

Sketchbook 12-Jenny Olson

So I have changed the narrative of my graphic novel, because I felt that the other one was slightly too unbelievable. I am still using the same post card, but the story line is as follows:

Helen and Olga (the two pictured on the front of the post card) are sent to an island far from the United States because the environment in the U.S. was unsuitable for people to live, because of heavy pollution. The girls had been living on the island for years, but the U.S. (in an effort to decrease their pollution) to build a nuclear waste dumping site on the island in recent years and has created a poor environment for living in. In reaction to heavy pollution, the girls were forced by the head of their boarding school to remain in the main building until conditions were suitable to be outside again. So most of the story will be within the building with flash by Helen about what life was like before they were forced to be locked up in the building. The way that the writing from the postcard is going to fit into the narrative is in the very end. There will be one or two scenes showing Helen writing to Miss Vaughn (who was one of her friends in the boarding school that she hasn't seen since the lock-down of the building, because the building is separated by outdoor courtyards and Miss Vaughn lives in a different part of the building). The way that the narrative will end is showing looking out a window, longing to be outside again. Sound good ? if there are parts of it that you think could be changed/modified let me know. I have to start drawing!

December 2, 2007

first page


so here is the first page of the graphic short story, some feedback from you guys would be awesome.