September 20, 2007

Sketchbook 1 - Jarid Johnson


just the first full idea on my "historical portrait illustration"

September 18, 2007

Sketchbook1 - Jeff

I was experimenting with the use of line to create the illusion of depth and movement

September 17, 2007

sketchbook 1-Jennie Carley

sketchbook1 jennie.jpg

I'm thinking of using the Nile incorporated into the portrait because he traveled to Africa on multiple explorations and he died on the Nile. Any suggestions?

Sketchbook 1 - Lucy


Sketchbook 1 - Laura Peterson


This is what i thinking for my historical figure. The basic idea is a tribute stamp for my figure, David Hume. He wrote the Treatise when he was 26 which many consider to be one of the most important books in the history of philosophy. hence, the tribute. he's scottish so thats why i want the background to be plaid. we'll see...

Sketchbook 1 - Myhli

Here are two pages from my sketchbook. They are early sketches and first ideas and pictures that popped into my head as I researched about Robert Boyle.



I have been reading up alot on Buddhism.

got bored

wondered what Mr. Buddha would have looked like with my favorite pair of Ray-Bans on...

Sketchbook 1 | Jenny Olson


Let's try this again...suppose the last entry was a dead giveaway that I have never really blogged before. Let's hope this is a bit more like what is expected...

This is one sketch of a few that I have developed with the intent of building up my narrative for my historical figure portrait. The historical figure that I am illustrating is Louis Jolliet. He was a French-Canadian explorer during the mid/late 1600s to the early 1700s. He is most famous for discovering the Mississippi river with Jacques Marquette.

September 16, 2007

Sketch 1 - Karl Noelle

For my first blog post, I decided to post my sketch of Niccolo Machiavelli. He is most famous for his authorship of "The Prince," which is a long discourse on several areas of politics. He was an Italian, so for the background, I was thinking about writing excerpts from "The Prince" behind his portrait in his native language. I'd like to be able to print these excerpts in a type of antique I hope it works out.



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This is some of my preliminary sketching for working out how I want nero's features to look and the style I'm going for. I tried to express a kind of suspicious arrogance in this one, but I'm still playing around with other facial expression, maybe a more fearful look suspicion in the eyes next time?
I'm thinking of using brush and ink for the final to get some really powerful lines and even tones, but I haven't really used them much before.

Sketchbook 1 - Andrew Buck

This is a very rough sketch of my historical figure, Sun Tzu. He was an ancient Chinese general and mercenary who lived during the Kingdom of Wu, one of the most barbaric periods in Chinese history. He is also known for writing The Art of War, a book devoted to military strategies and tactics, which is still read in modern Military schools.

For whatever reason Sun Tzu reminded me of Batman, so I decided to sketch him too.


Sketchbook1 Lisa Reed


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sketch1 - Danielle Warzala

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sketchbook 1 - Karen


Hmm I thought i posted this like two hours ago or so but it just disappeared. This is suppose to be Nancy Ward (Nanye-hi), a Cherokee woman who led them to victory in a battle. She took up the gun of her husband after he died in battle. THis is just a rough sketch idea of what i might be drawing. I'm just having problems as to what to incorporate in the background.

September 13, 2007



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Sketchbook 1 - Beth

So this is a drawing that I have been working on these past two weeks and I know that it is almost done but I am not sure what to add. It is a repeated image of my sister and I (Im wearing my moms sneakers). The top and bottom both show our connection (arrows) while we both connect to (the heart) which represents our years together. My bottom image of myself shows me with a "mirror" face, refecting my sister. But, what does this need!
Beth Brinkley

k-b summer2007.jpg

Sketchbook 1 - Dusty

For this week's sketchbook post, I am putting up a very rough sketch for my historical person. I've been assigned Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American slave to have poetry published. I want to include a lot of symbols such as a quill pen to represent writing, an American flag to show how she changed America, a representation of Phillis, and finally broken chains to show that slavery couldn't stop her from pursuing her passions.

The final product will be done with India ink that will have a Calligraphy look representing her passion for writing.

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome, this is just a very rough idea right now.


Dusty Fields