September 25, 2007

Sketch 2- Chelsea Eckberg

september 004.jpg

september 005.jpg

I recently became very interested in graffiti, these are some sketches of my style and just playing around.

September 24, 2007

sketch book 2- Beth Brinkley

I revised my Project # One this weekend and it struck me as odd that I never think outside of flat dimensional ideas so I tried to stretch past that. Thus, I added mostly 3D elements to my drawing and was pleased with the outcome. I would be really interested to see how other students in this class form their ideas. Do most people think the way I originally did, in one dimensions? Are there certain categories of designers by way of how they problem solve? Can we turn on our "3D thinking cap" easily if we train our minds? Just some thoughts to throw out there.

Sketchbook 2 - Karen de Queiroz


This is a simple drawing I made from sketching this woman on a Brazilian Shampoo commercial =P.

Graffiti in Barcelona


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Sketchbook 2 - Dusty Fields

Today I am posting pictures I took from the Mill City Museum. The reason I am adding these to my sketchbook is that I want to use them for inspiration for future assignments such as the Zine or Vinyl Cover (If we do it). I want to start illustrating old, imperfect, historical buildings. I like using charcoal, but I think pencil would probably be the best for these kinds of drawings. I might stay away from pen, but I would like to stick with something that adds the "imperfect" and rough feel to the drawing.




sketchbook 2-Jennie Carley


I already used this image in another piece using a full color scale and pastels but i really liked the piece and wanted to use a different style on a smaller scale

Sketchbook Post 2 - Jarid Johnson


Possible tattoo design that i started sketching, very preliminary, the beginning of a sleeve. da vinci's vitruvian man in the background, text "ish elohim" main, and "hands" of the creation underneath. Layout is prob not gonna be this way, but ya

Sketchbook #2 - Myhli

These are simple sketches for ideas to go into the my historical figure drawing. From the critique it seemed like there were many different ideas of what the cross could have meant. It actually is supposed to represent Robert Boyle's religious beliefs. His entire life science and God were always competing to be the number one priority so I wanted religion to take up as much space as science in the background.


Right now I'm liking the first two sketches better but not I'm not exactly sure yet. I'll have draw more and see how they look with the entire drawing.

Sketchbook 2 - Karl Noelle


So I'm a huge fan of trance. It's this genre of electronic music. In Search of Sunrise 4 is one of my all-time favorite albums from that genre. I also enjoy drawing logos, and imitating lettering. This is my attempt of the CD cover. I also attempted to express some of the emotions from this album. The wide range of sounds is just unreal.

#2 - Jonathan Knisely

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Sketchbook 2 - Luke


Just playing around with india ink, some pen nibs, and a brush; trying to get comfortable with the drawing characteristics.

September 23, 2007

sketchbook 2- Jeff

I was exploring the interaction of light with different abstract shapes. I also was using multiple vanishing points to give the illusion of depth and complexity.

Sketchbook2 Lisa Reed


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September 22, 2007

Sketchbook 2 - Andrew Buck

Last night I was working on homework for computer applications when the earth as I know it erupted, shattering the heavens. Apparently my power couldn’t withstand the combination of 30 mph winds, horizontal rains, nickel size hail, and a tornado touchdown. Needless to say this was brilliant timing since we design students always several projects to work on. Out of frustration and in order to make up for lost time, I decided to sketch my perspective of the storm using the character I had chosen for that particular assignment.


September 20, 2007

Sketchbook 2; Jenny Olson

Hey guys, so this summer while I was back in my hometown I checked out the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and the exhibit called Jess was up/is up. It was really interesting, if you find yourself in Madison, Wisconsin I recommend checking it out. I might talk about his work for my artist presentation, but haven't decided yet.

I'm posting some links for you guys to check out; he's a unique illustrator and writer. He did a lot of collage art/illustrations too. Which I thought relates to our class as Heba mentioned that we might be doing some collage art. Hope you find him interesting!!

This is a brief biography on Jess from the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's website (the link follows the biography)

The artist Jess [his full name is Jess Collins, but is known as Jess] (1923-2004) emerged in the 1950s from within the literary context of Beat culture in San Francisco. The life partner of poet Robert Duncan, Jess collaborated extensively with poets and other writers, and worked with small presses and limited-edition publications throughout his career. Something of a cult artist, Jess is less widely known than some of his contemporaries, but his art is deeply revered by many.

Another link to take a quick look at is:
Surprisingly there isn't that much on this artist.