October 3, 2007

jonathan knisely


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October 1, 2007

Sketchbook 3 - Karl Noelle

sketch 3.jpg

This is my character for my animation. It's just a simple outline of the human figure. He's going to be walking for a while and then suddenly come up to a brick wall. The character will grow larger (kind of like the Hulk) and smash the wall down and continue walking.

sketch book entry 3-Beth Brinkley

This is the first sketch that I have ready for my animation. This story lineis about a girl in the 1950's who is making orange juice in the kitchen and then turns into an orange. The end of the story is her head poping out of the life size orange. So far so good,but feel free to tell me what you think.

sketchbook3- jeff

I paused a movie and drew this image from the television screen

Sketchbook 3 -Lukas Mills


These are just some character development sketches of a robot character I plan to use. I'm going to use marker for the final animation, but I have not decided weather to do it on paper or dry erase board yet.

Sketchbook 3 - Danielle Warzala


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Sketchbook 03 - Dusty Fields

My animation consists of a fish that is chillin' and minding his own business. Suddenly, two fishing lines with bait drop in the water. The fish looks at them, laughs, then ties the two lines together. It is supposed to be "cartoony." The first image is what I referenced the character from, and the second image is my main character.


For Credit of the above image:


Sketchbook 3 - Laura Peterson

This is a video that I found on youtube as an inspiration for my animation. i like the perspective and the use of color. its simplicity intrigues me.

however, i cannot figure out how to get the video to upload instead of just the website. i'm youtube challenged I guess....

sketchbook 3-Jennie Carley


I'm doing an animation of a guy who loses hold of his balloon and then is given another later so that it can hopefully be a looped animation. Any thoughts on which guy best fits the character? I'm leaning towards the fat guy with glasses.

Sketch 3- Chelsea Eckberg

Some of you may have heard of Don Hertzfeldt and know his work. I think he is a great animator and wanted to share one of his videos with you. His work has inspired me and I love the humor.

The title of this animation is called rejected.

Sketchbook 3 - Teresa Facciotto

Week 3 copy.jpg

2 things -

one is an animation i found that is not only really good, but very funny. every designer/artist should watch this.

second is some rough sketches of the dog i will be using in my animation. i plan to incorporate my actual hand in the animation to "play fetch" with the dog.

Sketchbook 3 - Myhli

Here are three different sketch ideas of how my characters will look like in the animation.


September 30, 2007

Sketchbook 3 - Andrew Buck

A rough storyboard for the mini animation. I plan on using a white board and erasable markers which I hope will allow me to morph the main character once the bird exits his mouth so the animation can continue in another direction.


sketch 3-Lucy Michell


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Sketchbook 3 - Jarid Johnson


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September 28, 2007

Sketchbook3- Lisa Reed

blog 9-30-07.jpg
These are the rought sketches for my animation and the story line. The actual drawing that i will be using for the animation is at the bottom of the page.

Sketchbook Post 3, Jenny Olson

These are the beginning sketches for my animation. I haven't given the main character, which is the bird, a name and have some expressive qualities to add to his eyes. His eyes will be the main mode of expression in this animation (as of now). Further, there might be music in the animation. The story goes as follows: the bird starts out in his nest, acknowledges the viewers, then decides to go for a flight. He takes off and starts heading for a telephone wire, the local hotspot for all birds. We see him approaching the telephone wire, then we see him about to land. Upon landing he knocks off a bird. The next thing we see is the bird that he knocked off falling to the ground, while the other birds look at the main character in astonishment. Then we see the bird dead on the ground (a bit morbid, I realize...) The final scene is the main character acknowledging the audience again with a look of bewilderment in his eyes.

Sketchbook 3 - Karen De Queiroz


This is just a portion of my character development sketches and storyboard for my short animation. It looks cute and cartoonish, but the rest of the story is not as cute as it appears *gasp*.
From what you see though, it's a cute little creature skipping in a field with flowers, and he stops once he sees a very pretty flower. Then the rest will be revealed later!