October 10, 2007

Jeff-sketch 4

this is a poster i am working on in my computer applications class

October 9, 2007

sketchbook 4 - Jarid Johnson

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Sketchbook 4 - Karl Noelle


Here's another frame of my animation. My character is about to approach his obstacle.

October 8, 2007

Sketchbook 4 - Karen de Queiroz


This is drawings for my animation. You can see the faint lines of the drawings behind this one, because I'm using tracing paper.

sketchbook 4 - Luke Mills

I was just checking out other robot animations to see what my competition was like.

Sketchbook 4 - Dusty Fields

For this week's sketchbook, I thought I would include some links I found when researching hand animation techniques. - This web site has a great selection of tutorials for drawing techniques when animating. - This is the classic Wikipedia article on traditional animation. A great resource for learning how to get drawings digitalized for animation. - I thought this is an interesting article. Apparently Disney is going back to the traditional hand-drawn animation.

Danielle Warzala- sketch4

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jonathan knisely - animation

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monster eating TV


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Sketchbook 4 - Laura Peterson

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this is what i have so far for my animation. it was my experimentation process and i've realized how long it is going to take to complete the final animation. every process is so tedious and the lighting situation is going to be very hard to control. i'm looking forward to thursday afternoon when this project is done!

sketchbook 4-Jennie Carley

sketchbook 4a.jpg

Just bored with a pen....

Sketchbook4 Lisa Reed

I did this drawing using a fine tip black marker. It is done completely with dots (stipple drawing).

Sketchbook 4 - Myhli

My portfolio review is coming up this Friday..I spent the entire weekend revising work piece (especially my McNeal drawing)...My original piece had pillars that I don't think were too realistic, they were a bit here's my try at making it look more round and realistic


October 7, 2007

Sketchbook 4- Andrew Buck

I initially thought a white board would a great idea for this project. I even though it would simplify the animation process! Well you can tell by the picture that I ran into a couple of issues that not even Photoshop could help with.

For starters, even though I tried to control the lighting but it still varies from panel to panel, a glare appears in different spots throughout the white board which interferes with the image. After an image has been erased and redrawn several times the white board becomes contaminated with erasable ink fuzz.


October 4, 2007

Sketch Book 4, Jenny Olson

This is after a lot of searching for images of birds and how their wings move as they fly. I changed my animation narrative a bit. I think it will still work!!

sketch book 4- Beth Brinkley


So this is my girl evolving into the orange and I am receding the kitchen line by line and then ill have the orange peel but ill use real orange peels. I am having fun doing this and am getting more ideas as I go a long. Its going to be a treat to see everyone else's on Thursday!