October 30, 2007

beth brinkley- sketchbook post 5

October 21, 2007

sketch book 5- Chelsea Eckberg

October 18, 2007


I fixed the time of the last frame so that the image is visible longer. This is done with markers and paint markers.

Danielle Warzala - Sketch 5

Sketchbook 5 - Dusty Fields

Sketch Book 5 - Luke Mills

Changed the titles, and closing. added some color and some sound.
Had a bunch of trouble getting it to play smoothly once it was uploaded. Hope it works for everyone.

Jonathan Knisely

Sketchbook 5 - Myhli

Sketchbook 5 - Karl Noelle

October 17, 2007

TV for Breakfast

Sketchbook 5 - Laura Peterson

Sketchbook5 Lisa Reed

For my final animation I decided to make the doll green so that the attention was on the doll at the end when it is running away from the little girl (Cari, which is my little sister's name. She would always drag her dolls around and more than one has lost an arm or a leg. She also gets distracted easily and leaves things laying around, so I portrayed that in my animation when the girl forgets about the doll when she sees the candy!!)

Sketchbook 5 (animation) - Karen D

My animation! I edited a couple of slides so you wouldn't see the faint lines behind the other pages, and I removed the opening title I had put in with WMM.

animation-Jennie Carley

October 16, 2007

Andrew Buck - Animation

Moogle & Ding

I edited out a couple frames and added more to the end.

Teresa Facciotto - animation

October 14, 2007

Sketchbook 5-Jenny Olson

My final animation; the concept is very simple...the bird is flying and runs into a window and dies.

October 13, 2007

Sketchbook 5 - final animation - Jarid Johnson

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