October 24, 2007

Jeff Zine

sorry about my last post that wasn't for this class. This is an idea of a layout for a page in my zine. sorry i couldn't get it to be posted in landscape format. I would appreciate the feedback.

October 23, 2007

Sketchbook 6 - Teresa


October 22, 2007

Sketchbook 6-Laura N Peterson

For my zine I am going to do a sort of events calendar by day of the week for things going on in minneapolis. by 'going on' i mean drink specials, live music, the best nights at certain places, activities, games, food, etc. all having to do with nightlife in minneapolis...probably strictly downtown but i'm going to try to include dinkytown too.

to ensure that it is not too text driven i am going to hand write everything and push the ornate-ness of certain characters (like the days of the week heading on each page) as well as include illustrations of certain bars' signs/stages/landmarks.

i don't like the tiny book that is created by the template, i'd like a little more space to work with so i'm looking into larger sizes and binding options.

sketchbook 6 - Jarid Johnson

I am the reason my father killed himself

I didn't make this graphic, it is actually from a blog site call post sectet. but I just wanted to share this site with everyone in the class, even though i am sure a lot of you guys have already heard about it. Its a place where people anonymously send in a secret of theirs to ultimately share with the world. I always enjoy checking postsecret out weekly, because it can be very thought provoking. It shows people expressing themselves, the deepest and most secret part of themselves that usually wouldn't ever come out. A lot of secrets are also done very well in use of typography, layout and graphics. And the site usually gives me inspiration in some of my work. So check it out if ya want!

Sketchbook 6 - karen de Queiroz


Just some sketches for my zine idea.

Ghost Found


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R1 Class Nurburgring

I filtered this image and screen printed it for another class.


Some little monster face sketches. Working on crazy coffee people sketches tomorrow.

Sketch 6- Chelsea Eckberg

random 041.jpg

So I am not quite sure what I want to do for my zine, but this is one of my favorite paintings I have done in the past year and I really wanted to incorporate it in my zine. I was thinking the cover...For my zine I was thinking about doing collages using pictures I have taken and drawings i've done and possibly adding poems that I like or things I have written. Not sure yet..

Danielle Warzala - sketch 6

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Sketchbook 6 - Dusty Fields


This is a rough of the cover for my 'zine. I am creating a wilderness survival zine with either eight or sixteen tips/instructions. If I do eight, there will be a full illustration on one page, and the instructions on the other page. If I do sixteen, there will be a smaller illustration on the same page with each instruction/tip.

I am not sure what other media I want to use. I could incorporate photos from my camping/hiking adventures.

Lisa Reed Sketchbook6

Rough sketch of idea for zine

Sketchbook 6 - Karl Noelle

For my zine, I want to illustrate some of the things you could change on your vw/audi. The antenna being one of them. Here's a sample picture of what I'm going to draw:

Also, I want to include some concept drawing from these brands, just to show that the designers have the same ideas that enthusiasts have:

sketchbook 6- Jennie Carley

sketchbook 5

This is an idea I'm playing around with where the reader gets to choose a character or personality by choosing the features or outfits or pets that each page offers. I'm not quite sure if this goes well enough with the zine idea or not. I was also considering using funny words and drawing shoes that I think embody their meanings.

Sketch 6 -JonathanK


Sketchbook 6 - Myhli

In my zine I'm going to be using photos I've taken on my trips to Laos and Thailand..Using text to describe the moment the photo was taken or my thoughts at the moment. I'm leaning more towards my thoughts at the moment the photo was taken. As for illustrations every photo will have different drawings depending on the photo.

Here are two of the photos I will be using.
laos001.jpg laos002.jpg

All photos will be in black and white.

Sketchbook 6 - Buck

Trying to get some ideas rolling for my 'emo' zine



October 21, 2007

Sketch Book 6-Jenny Olson

I am currently working out how I am going to portray what life was like before/after the onset of ipods. I am thinking that I my illustrations will similar to the style of the ipod commercials and billboards. Everything is going to be printed on colorful cardstock. The cover illustration is still being worked out. I sort of want to do a stamp/lino print. Also, I'm going to increase the size a little (using a 11x17 inch sheet rather than the legal size) and bind it using some sort of string like material.