November 13, 2007

Sketchbook 7 - Karen de Queiroz

Here is sketchbook 7 which was part of when I was doing the zine.

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November 5, 2007

Luke Mills Sketchbook 7


So I thought I posted this last week but I didn't see it online this week. It's some thumbnails of ideas for zine pages.

November 4, 2007

Sketchbook Jeff

This is a rough sketch for a design im working on, ill post further progress. I couldn't rotate the image for posting, turn it 90 degress to the left.

October 30, 2007

sketch book entry 7-Beth Brinkley

sketchbook #6.jpg
These are the first few pages of my zine and I am not sure if I should have a similar page layout... whether it bores the eye or helps focus my points... Let me know what you think!

Sketchbook 07 - Dusty Fields

My Zine concept has changed. I was sitting in downtown Minneapolis yesterday doing my sketches for the zine. As I watched people walk by, I noticed that 90% of the people dress similar and carry the same objects. This gave me an idea.

My original idea was to create a wilderness survival zine. But, as I was creating the zine, I realized that I should create a downtown survival guide. It should be a satire, making fun of the downtown folk.

Here is a snippet of some of my sketches.


Sketchbook 7 - Karl Noelle


Here's a section of my zine...I'll be adding some pictures in the blank spaces.

Sketchbook 7 - Laura Peterson


just a sketch for my zine when i was going to do something associated with the downtown bar scene. i'm steering away from that though because it's just boring.

i've actually since gotten a better idea and have begun drawing dreams that i've had and that my roommates have told me. if i can actually get them into illustrative form i'll be happy.

October 29, 2007

3 pages from my zine


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Myhli - Sketchbook 7

one of my zine pages...not done yet but a rough idea. I wanted to write down what the place was and how it relates to me but looking at the page i feel like there's too much text. Any suggestions?

Danielle Warzala - sketch 7 cont.

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Danielle Warzala - sketch 7

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Sketchook7 Lisa Reed

another zine sketch

Sketchbook 7 - Buck

Working out some of the stylistic issues for my zine.

October 28, 2007

Sketchbook 7


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October 27, 2007

Sketchbook 7 Jenny Olson

ipodsketch copy.jpg

This is just some brainstorming for my zine illustrations. I am going to be doing my zine on ipod etiquette. The illustrations are suppose to be reminiscent of the ipod advertisements, with the silhouette of the human figure.