It's that time of year again for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival! Looking for a way to check out new independent films and spend quality time with your friends and family? You have from now until May 5 to head on down to Saint Anthony Park to check it out. Want more info? Here are my reviews about a few newspaper sites that provide specific information about the festival.

The Star Tribune provides information in the best way possible! The post was updated early this morning, so it's very recent! There are many hyperlinks that allow you to see movie reviews, lists of festival events, and the film festival website. The language is very clear, concise and informal. The writer provides a list of all festival events, tips on what to do at the festival, and how to get more info. The graphics are fun to look at! My favorite details are the star-shaped bullet points and the picture of a roll of film. If you want a variety of info about the festival in interactive way, check out this article on the star tribune site!

Another strong site is the Twin Cities Daily Planet. Written in first person, the writer takes a very informal approach to talk about the festival from his point of view. This gives the article a sense of human touch. He provides one hyperlink where you can access the film festival's site and a list of films along with ratings and comments by viewers. No lists or bullet points are given, but the writer takes a very informal conversational approach to talk about specific attractions at the festival. This makes the piece very relatable. He also includes a summary of an interview he had with the directors of the festival. Very helpful interactive maps of the festival are also provided. Take a look at the Twin Cities Daily Planet if you want to learn about the festival from a friendly source.

The City Pages website did the poorest job of providing info about the festival. They gave a one-sentence overview describing what the festival was, one hyperlink to view film listings and ticket info, and provided no graphics. The format of the information was very nit and grit. The only questions answered were the what, where, and when. They were answered in very simply and concise language, and did not go into any depth. Feel free to venture over to the city pages site to check out this brief overview!

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