2015-2016 Teaching Applications

To apply for a 2015-16 teaching position, please complete the attached application. Because assisting positions are limited we recommend that all students who have passed their prelims also apply to the teaching pool. Please feel free to contact Colleen (612-624-1871) with any questions.

The processes and selection criteria by which teaching assistant resources are distributed in American Studies are intended to seek balance among the following rationales: curricular needs, programmatic obligations, equity, and merit. The goal of the Department is that every graduate student will, at some point before graduation, have the opportunity to teach his or her own American Studies course. In accordance with University policy, the Chair of the Department ultimately makes staffing decisions.

Click App Teaching Pool FY16.docxfor the 2015-16 American Studies Teaching Application form.

Incoming Graduate Cohort for Fall 2015

We are pleased to announce the incoming graduate cohort for 2015. We
look forward to having Michelle Chang, Vanessa Guzman, Rachelle
Henderson, Brendan McHugh, and Mathew Treon join our department in the

Michelle Chang: (aka Chip) BA in History and Political Science from UC
San Diego. Currently working on an MA in Asian American Studies from
UCLA (has not left the Southern California bubble). Interests include
the production of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality (etc.) in
popular culture. Current research examines hip hop and the
racialization of African and Asian Americans.

Vanessa Guzman: B.A. in History and Chicana/o Studies from UCLA and
an M.A. in Cultural Studies from Claremont Graduate University.
Interested in informal economies, labor movements, immigration, and
urban geography.

Rachelle R. Henderson: B.A. in Linguistics from Purdue University;
M.A. in English Language and Linguistics from Purdue University.
Research interests include a sociolinguistic, discourse analytic study
examining the role of geographic place, family, and history in the
construction of gender, sexual, and social identities of mixed race
individuals in the U.S.

Brendan McHugh: B.A. in women's studies at San Francisco State
University. Interested in the history of U.S. AIDS/HIV activism of
Black and White Men Together in the 1980s and 1990s and the
organization's transnational connections to LGBT activists in South
Africa and the former U.S.S.R.

Matthew Treon: M.A. in English from University of Rochester; M.F.A. in
Creative Writing from University of Colorado; B.A. in Sociology from
University of North Texas. Research areas include American popular
music, hip hop, rock, sound studies, film, stand-up comedy, prison
studies, representations of race and class in popular culture and

Imagining America JGS Photo Fellowship Program

IMAGINING AMERICA is also offering the JGS Photo Fellowship Program. Publicly engaged students of photography or digital media are invited to apply for a tuition award of $2,000 and join a national working group of students that will result in a collaborative media project. The deadline is June 1st 2015. Click here for more information.

Imagining America Page Fellows Program

IMAGINING AMERICA is offering a graduate fellowship. The PAGE Fellows Program is a $500 stipend for graduate students with an interest in in public scholarship and/or artistic practice. The deadline for this program is May 18th, 2015. Click here for more information.

THE CENTER for GERMAN and EUROPEAN STUDIES 2015 Trans-Atlantic Summer Institute

THE CENTER for GERMAN and EUROPEAN STUDIES is accepting applications for the 2015 Trans-Atlantic Summer Institute for advanced graduate students. The Center for German & European Studies will provide North American graduate students with a $750 stipend towards their travel expenses and room and board at the European University Viadrina are free of charge. The application deadline is May 15, 2015. Click here for more information.

GRAD INSTRUCTORS & TAs Please Remove Items from Offices by May 22, 2015

GRAD INSTRUCTORS & TAs with Scott Hall Offices: Please remove all personal items from your office and return your key to the department office by Friday, May 22, 2015. Any unclaimed items will be removed. Please contact Zac with any questions (rakke001@umn.edu).

Moodle Help Available May 7th, 2015

MOODLE HELP AVAILABLE tomorrow, Thursday May 7th from 9:30 am - 1 pm in Scott Hall room 103 and 1 pm - 4:30 pm in Scott Hall room 105 for any faculty or staff who would like a refresher or specific questions answered regarding Moodle Gradebook.

University Unions United Rally

UNIVERSITY UNIONS UNITED will be hosting a rally from 11:30am-12:30pm representing workers in both the AFSCME locals and the Teamsters local at UMN outside the Board of Regents meeting at the McNamera Alumni Center to demand living wages, equity in benefits, affordable health insurance, and respect in their workplace for all workers at UMN. The sponsoring unions represent clerical, technical, janitorial, food service, and other workers at the U. Email umnsds@gmail.com for more details.


STUDENTS for a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY (SDS) in coalition with other progressive groups will be rallying outside of the Board of Regents meeting at the McNamera Alumni Center to demand lower tuition, increased diversity, cuts to administrative bloat, and more ethical research practices which prioritize human health over the needs of major partnering corporations on Friday, May 8th, from 10:00am to 11:00am. Email umnsds@gmail.com for more details.

Department of Geography, Environment and Society Social Brown Day

THE DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, and SOCIETY is hosting a Social Brown Day Lecture titled "The Poor are Us": Middle class poverty politics in Buenos Aires and Seattle on Friday, May 1st in Blegen Hall room 445 at 3:30pm. Click here for more information.


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