"Race, the State, and Queer Politics: 1970s to the Present"

Please join CROSSINGS for our third session of the semester, next Monday, Oct. 19 at 3:30 in Scott Hall Room 4. AMST graduate students Abram J. Lewis, Eli Vitulli, and Steve Dillon will be presenting papers as part of a panel entitled "Race, The State, and Queer Politics: 1970s-present."

"Race, the State, and Queer Politics: 1970s to the Present"

Monday, Oct. 19
Scott Hall, Room 4 (in the basement)
Refreshments will be provided


Abram J. Lewis:
"'Within the Ashes of Our Survival:'
Lesbian and Gay Antiracist Organizing in New York City, 1980-1984"

Eli Vitulli:
"The Legitimate Trans Legal Subject:
Heteronormativity and Whiteness in Trans Marriage Legal Decisions"

Steve Dillon:
"'Our Grief is Not Enough':
Queer Revolutionary Violence, Prisons, and the Production of White Life"

Sponsored by the Department of American Studies.

Please see flyer below for more detail:

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