Spring 2010 Book Orders

Book orders for Spring semester faculty and grad instructors are DUE Wednesday, October 21, 2009 to domin047@umn.edu.

Spring 2010 Book Orders

Please complete the attached, blank order form, one for each of your fall semester classes, and email your order as an attachment to domin047@umn.edu by Wednesday, October 21, 2009.
Please note the following:

*Indicate if you DO NOT need a personal desk copy for any of your ordered books. For courses with TA's, desk copies will be ordered for them.
*For seminars or other low enrolling courses, desk copies may not be available.
*If a book you are using is out of print, we are unable to obtain desk copies.
*If ordering from any publisher and/or edition is okay, please specifically indicate that.
*Order early. Delayed book orders mean delayed desk copies and increased costs to students due to the bookstore not being able anticipate accurate buy-back quantities.
*Avoid using abbreviations and initials to ensure accuracy and minimize unnecessary delays.
*If you intend to use the same book in a future semester, please indicate when that is. This allows the bookstore to plan to purchase used copies, saving students money.

See attachment below for a blank book order form:

Blank Book Order Form.xls

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