Email/Calendar Update

The University is requiring all employees and students to migrate to Google mail. This means we will now have to use Google Calendar instead of UM Cal to communicate department deadlines and events. Even if you have a gmail account, the University is not allowing access to University Google calendars until you migrate your @umn account to Google. Please take the steps to transition to Google within the next two weeks.

Email/Calendar Update

You have a couple of options for how to transition to Google mail. You can go to the central University website click on the "sign up" button found just below the "Google Apps for the University of Minnesota" banner. That site is: Once you go to the sign up you log in with your x500 and you will either be notified on how to proceed with the migration or you will be notified that there are issues you need to resolve before migration (in our experience this has usually been individual email that are too large). If you prefer to have a technician work with you on the migration, you can work with the CLA Office of Information Technology. The steps for contacting them are found at this website: Please feel free to contact Colleen with any questions.

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