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Spring '15 Syllabi & Office Hours

Spring '15 Instructors and TAs please submit a copy of your course syllabus electronically to Zac at by Noon, Friday, January 23rd. Please also include the time(s) and day(s) you will be holding office hours for the upcoming semester.

Scott Hall Library: Book and Video Return

Reminder to all Faculty and Students: Please return any books and videos you have checked out from the department library. Return items to the "task box" in the main department office by Monday, January 12th.

Environment and Culture Caucus of the ASA Network Opportunity

SARAH STANFORD-MCINTYRE, a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at the College of William & Mary would like to extend the offer to be on the listserv for the Environment and Culture Caucus of the ASA. It comprises a network of faculty and students broadly interested in environmental topics within the humanities. Contact Sarah Wald at for more information.

The Graduate School Initiative: The Interdisciplinary Graduate Group

THE GRADUATE SCHOOL invites faculty and graduate student interested in forming and funding a new Interdisciplinary Graduate Group to attend a panel presentation and information session on Tuesday, November 25th from 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. in 101 Walter Library. For more information, contact Vicki Field (

The Immigration History Research Center Immigration Stories

THE IMMIGRATION HISTORY RESEARCH CENTER is extending the offer to participate in "Immigrant Stories" and to train students in digital storytelling. "Immigrant Stories" works with recent immigrants and their children to collect, share, and preserve their own unique stories. Contact Elizabeth Venditto ( for more information

Book orders for Spring 2015 courses DUE Wednesday, November 5.

Book orders for Spring 2015 courses are due to Melanie ( by Wednesday, November 5. Order form attached. Please read through for guidelines that help with order accuracy and obtaining desk copies.

Notes from staff:
-NOT ordering books? Using packets instead? Be sure to inform Melanie
either way.

-ISBN: Important! Include the ISBN to avoid receiving incorrect editions.

-DESK COPIES: Please only request desk copies of titles which you've
not previously received. If you've previously received a personal
desk copy of the same edition, one will not be requested for you
again. All TA's will have desk copies requested for them. Note that
publisher requests take weeks so timely submission of orders is very
helpful to you & your TA's. NOTE: Desk copies cannot be guaranteed
for faculty & instructors if the deadline for book orders is not met.

Bookstore guidelines:
-Submitting book orders early gives the Bookstore the opportunity to
pay students the best price for their books during buy-back.

-If you delete or change books after they have shipped from the
publisher, your research account will be charged for return fees.

-If you will be using a book in the future, please indicate when that
will be. This helps students save money by allowing the Bookstore to
plan their used copy purchases.

Please use this order form:

Book order form BLANK.xlsx

The Graduate School Initiative: The Interdisciplinary Commons

THE GRADUATE SCHOOL is launching a new initiative intended to foster graduate student interactions across disciplines: The Interdisciplinary Commons. The Interdisciplinary Commons will provide space in Nolte Center for graduate students with interdisciplinary interests to study and make connections with students in other fields. Click here for more information.

Open Access to Scholarly Articles Policy

A NEW POLICY regarding scholarly articles is under review for implementation. The Open Access to Scholarly Articles establishes the expectation that works created by U of M faculty will be made available for open access and dissemination. The policy provides a mechanism for authors to request a waiver for a specific work. Comments due by October 19, 2014. Click here for more information

Submit Syllabi and Office Hours

FALL 2014 INSTRUCTOR'S & TAs: Please submit a copy of your course syllabus electronically to Zac at by Wednesday, Sept 10th, 2014. Please also include the time(s) and day(s) you will be holding office hours for the upcoming semester.

University Travel Policies

Global Programs & Strategy Alliance reminds all faculty and students that you are required to register your travel with GPS whenever you are traveling abroad for University purposes. Please click here for details


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