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Department of Art History Undergraduate Seminar

THE DEPARTMENT OF ART HISTORY is offering an undergraduate seminar for Spring 2015 taught by Professor Jennifer Jane Marshall. ARTH 3930 How to Do Art History with Everyday Objects is designed to teach students how to investigate the stuff of everyday life. Click How to Do Art History promotion slide.pdf for more information

University of Nebraska- Lincoln History Graduate Program Accepting Applications

THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-LINCOLN Department of History is accepting applications to their graduate program at the M.A. or Ph.D. level. Click here for more information.

Impact Hiring Undergraduates

IMPACT is hiring graduating seniors and current students as paid campaign organizers. Click here for more information

GLBTA Programs Office, Student Coordinator Position

THE GLBTA PROGRAMS Office is hiring a student to join their staff as our Student Education and Tongues Untied Coordinator.Clickhere for more information.

Minnesota Historical Society College Interns

THE MINNESOTA HISTORICAL SOCIETY is looking for new college/graduate interns across a variety of disciplines for Spring 2015. Students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Click here for more information and to apply.

Public Interest Research Group job- Campus Organizer

THE PUBLIC INTEREST RESEARCH GROUP is accepting applications from graduating seniors for the position of Campus Organizers. Click here for more information and to apply.

English Summer Course 3070: American Specters

THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT is pleased to announce its summer course ENGL 3070: American Specters. The course is taught by Wes Burdine and will meet from 6/16 - 8/8 on Tu, W, and Th from 1:25 - 3:20pm. See below for a course abstract.

Art History Fall Courses

THE ART HISTORY DEPARTMENT is offering two American Art History courses for next fall. The first, ArtH 3005 is called American Art and meets Tues/Thurs 1:00 - 2:15pm. The second, ArtH 3577 is called Photo Nation and meets Tues/Thurs 9:45 - 11:00am. You can find more information below.

SOC 3090/RELS 3070 Course

SOC 3090/RELS 3070: Ahteists and Others in the US is open for registration for next fall. Click SOC 3090 RELS 3070 F14.docx for more information.

William C. Nelson Undergraduate Scholarship

THE WILLIAM C. NELSON UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP is now available for application. The scholarship would provide $2500 over the 2014-2015 academic year. The application is due on Wednesday, April 30th. Click on the link for more information and to apply.

Nelson Undergrad Scholarship application.doc


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