January 4, 2012

What a morning

I was going through the regular morning routine. You know, pack up the kid for school, get lunch made, get breakfast made, and get on the road. We got to the school and parked the car. I don't always park, sometimes I just drop her off at the curb, but this morning I decided to park and walk her in. I walked her up to the sidewalk and she wanted to say good bye so we did and when I turned back to my car there was a long line of cars blocking me in. I figured it was just someone waiting for a parking spot but then I noticed a small group of people standing in the parking lot. This wasn't normal especially during the busy morning drop off time. I started moving back towards my car thinking that the group would disperse and the cars would start moving soon but than I noticed the blankets on the ground, the snow covered ground. It wasn't just blankets of course. The blankets were on top of a person huddled on the ground not moving. All that I could see of this person was a little bit of silver hair.

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May 31, 2011

Skating on a hot day

Finally got Hannah outside yesterday. This kid is terrified of bugs, not sure why since I have always taken a very level headed approach to them. Anyway, I bribed her with a push on her swing. After we finished with the swing we went to check out what her dad was doing and she decided that she wanted to get her bike out. However, the bike needed air in the tires and the seat and handle bars raised so we decided to wait for her dad. We were both being a little impatient and after about 5 min Hannah decided that she should roller blade for a while. She hasn't been on her roller blades in a long time so after we get them on I spot her for a while. Once she was comfortable on them I got out of the way so that she had more room to move. I gotta tell you she is a natural on blades. She started pretending she was swimming, so she is waving her arms around while continuing to move forward and at one point I started picking up sticks so that she wouldn't trip over them and she came over and started picking them up with me (IN HER SKATES). Maybe none of this is impressive to those who can skate but to me it is since I never figured out how to stay upright on the blasted things. Of course Hannah keeps telling me that I need a pair too and I just laugh.

April 26, 2011


On our way home from school today my 6 year old started rubbing her hands together very quickly. Soon she says "Mommy, I'm making friction. When you rub two things together very fast they make friction." Of course I have to take this opportunity to find out exactly how much she knows about this subject so I ask, "What does friction create". She replies (without any hesitation) "Heat". I ask her where she learned about friction because I know she doesn't have science this week (they rotate through specialists at her school from one week to the next). She tells me that she learned about it in science class (a couple of weeks ago). I'm a very proud parent.

April 19, 2011

Our Song

This morning I decided to eat breakfast before leaving for work. Not something I always allow myself the time to do. After I finished eating my 6 year old comes to sit on my lap. I tell her I have to leave soon but not for a couple of minutes. So we cuddle for a little while. I ask her if she would like me to sing our song. We haven't sang it for a really long time and I'm wondering if I will remember how it goes. So I start, it's a lullaby that I made up when she was a baby. I always had a horrible time remembering the lyrics to actual lullabies and she loved having someone sing to her so I just started to make up my own, this one stuck. It's called "I love you more..." and goes something like this:

I love you more, I love you more..
I love you more than the sun
and more than the moon
I love you more than the stars
It's true, I do
I love you more than anything
in the whole wide world.

It has many verses and many more can be made. When I first made up the song I was very careful to make it about loving her more than nature. I guess because I didn't want it to be about people or animals and I love nature so much.. It was also a learning song, groups of three that go together. Sun, moon, and stars are in the sky; trees, flowers, and grass all grow from the ground; lakes, rivers, and seas all have water; etc.

Anyway, after I was finished singing the song ending with the words "it's true, I do." I get the sweetest little smile from my now 6 year old. She isn't the little baby I used to sing it to while dancing around the room to get her to go to sleep, but it will always be something that is just ours. Our song.

November 24, 2009

Adventures to come

As if the holiday season wasn't busy enough, I have signed Hannah up for two activities beyond regular school stuff. Starting next week she will be learning to ice skate and she will start attending Girl Scout Daisy meetings.

Ever since Hannah found out that there is such a thing as ice skating (about two years ago) she has been asking me if she can learn to ice skate. Being a very clumsy individual myself, I have never tried ice skating and figure I never will and while I'm ok with that I have high hopes that maybe.. just maybe Hannah will be less clumsy than me if she learns some balancing skills young in life. So when Hannah made fast friends with a girl in her school that ice skates I did what I could to find out where, when, and how much and after little deliberation I enrolled her in classes. I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't let a few falls get in her way of enjoying something she could do her entire life.

The Girl Scout Daisy thing kind of fell into our laps. When Hannah started school I wondering if there were troops to get into but I wasn't sure if I wanted her in one. I have good and bad memories about girl scouts. But when I found out that a friend of ours who also has a 5 year old was going to start a troop I decided to check into it a bit more and than I told Hannah about it. She was instantly hooked on the idea and now she asks just about everyday when the meeting is. They will plant mini gardens, learn how to treat others, learn how to give back to their society and to their world. I'm actually rather excited for her. And for all our friends and family member who love girl scout cookies, you now have a supplier (assuming Hannah sticks with it).

July 10, 2009

Clapping like crazy

Last night we went to Kooza by Cirque du Soleil (can't recommend it enough). It was amazing. Drew and I had gone to a show a long time ago and just loved it so when we found out they were in town again it was heartbreaking to see the ticket prices and know that we shouldn't go. But we managed to get discounted tickets (which were still expensive but more reasonable) and decided that it was something be both really wanted to do. Anyway, I wasn't sure how Hannah would do, sure it is filled with action and people in costumes and you don't even need to understand the story to really enjoy it.. but sometimes those things aren't enough for a little kid. In this case it was, we were actually near many little kids in the audience (I guess that's expected with the cheap seats) but you would never have known once the show started. Not one of them kicked my seat, not one of them whined or talked or cried.. not even mine :)

At first Hannah sat watching with wide eyes, showing concern and confusion, but as the night progressed I would look over and see a bright smile on her face or see her laughing (sometimes when no one else was, but who cares), and during really impressive acts (that didn't make her freeze in fear that the person was going to get hurt) she would clap like crazy sitting straight up in her seat. Intermission came and Hannah turned to me and said, "I want to see more." At the end, when the crowd stood to give a standing ovation, I picked Hannah up so she could watch the performers give their bows. And on the way out of the tent Hannah did a graceful toe pointed step as we worked our way back outside. I asked Hannah what her favorite part was... turn out not to be the action or the amazing costumes but the character she could relate to.. the main character... The Innocent. I think we could all relate to The Innocent during this performance, watching in awe as so many amazing things happen before our eyes.

January 6, 2009

A big step

This morning was a big morning for Hannah. She decided that she wanted me to let her walk to her classroom by herself this morning. I drop her off at school each day and than walk her to her classroom where we say goodbye over and over again sometimes with tears. Earlier in the morning I had warned her that if she didn't go to school like a big girl that I wouldn't be able to walk her to her classroom anymore, my threat became her way of showing she is a big girl. After I said this her eyes brightened and she asked if I would do that this morning. Sure enough, we got to school and she still wanted to so she said her goodbyes in the hallway and went on her way checking a few times to see if I was still there. Once I was sure she was in her classroom I went down the hall to ask her teacher how it went. Her teacher was beaming as she told me that Hannah was very proud of herself for walking down the hall by herself. I'm so proud of her today, this is a big step for both of us!

September 18, 2008

35w bridge

I have mixed emotions about the opening of the 35w bridge today. I feel happy that it is up and a major freeway in our city is no longer dead ended. Downtown Minneapolis was never really disconnected from the rest of the Twin Cities because of the bridge collapse, but it did force people to get to and from it using different routes.

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July 1, 2008

California Trip

We recently went to California with my parents to visit Drew's dad and Char. We did a lot during our trip which I'll try to write more about later. As I was browsing through photos however I found this one and just loved it and wanted to share. One of the days we were there we went to Muir Woods. It is just north of San Francisco and contains some large red woods and sequoias. During our walk through the woods we were all in awe of the beauty and fascinated by the way the park was kept as true to nature as it could be with paths winding through it. There were a couple of trees where you could walk inside of them. This is a picture of one of them with Hannah inside looking up. As she looked up she said "Wow." very quietly and than said "It's beautiful." For some reason this moment on our trip stands out beyond all of the rest.


April 28, 2008


Drew and I were trying to think of what new outdoor summer thing we should get for Hannah this year. Something for her to get plenty of exercise and something that she will be able to do and enjoy for the rest of her life. We considered a "big girl" bike, a T ball set (that might still happen this year), among a few other things. What we chose were skates after Hannah started saying she wanted a pair.

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February 9, 2008

Little Artist

A lot can be learned from a child. Seeing the world through their eyes and attempting to answer their questions. Sometimes it is overwhelming and a struggle to have just the right answer. Sometimes it is impossible. Lately my little one manages to throw me for a loop constantly. What do you say when a kid asks you why someone is mean, or why we have to stay away from strangers? Or what to you tell your child when they inform you that they want to be an angel, right now! Some of these things take a bit of creativity and the ability to be on your toes! But than there are other times, wonderful times when I can sit back and enjoy watching and listening as she explores and discovers on her own.

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January 2, 2008

Just an everyday, average, Midwestern, Christmas adventure

Unfortunate circumstances surrounded our Christmas this year. On the day we were planning to head to Sparta, where my parents live, there was a terrible snow storm that was hitting just the right area to make us think twice about driving to their house. Finally we decided to go for it, knowing that a hotel wouldn’t be far from any interstate exit. We started out and thought, what’s the big deal? and even though it was a slow 4 hour drive (normally 2 ½ - 3) the only part that made us think that maybe it was a bad idea was the last 30 min. And at that point you don’t turn back.

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December 4, 2007

Just the right amount

This weekend we were covered with about 7 inches of white beautiful snow. Disaster for many people, limiting what they can do and where they can go, but joy to a child. Last year when we were piled on with snow, it was fun for Hannah but she was a little short for the 2 feet that we got all at once.. this year however we received about 7 inches and it was perfect for our little 3 year old. She was so excited about getting to put on her boots she could hardly contain herself. Once outside the first things she asked was "can I eat it?" to which we responded, just a little and watch out for yellow snow. After covering her face a few times with cold white snow we finally got her to climb into the car, a look of bliss on her red little face. This was one happy kid.

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October 4, 2007

A song for you

Ever since Hannah has been able to make noise she has been singing. It first started with the beautiful baby sounds that most babies seem to make and quickly transitioned into words, sometimes made up words.. but still. Usually her songs are random thoughts, made up songs which I now understand is a genetic talent (if you can call it that :). Anyway, after dinner the other night Hannah got down from the table and started to sing a song. She sang it while dancing and it went something like this...

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August 30, 2007

Birthday week

sigh.. half way through birthday week. I kid you not! We have had two celebrations so far for Hannah and we have one more coming. And to think I didn't plan any parties this year. :) Hannah has been having a great time (of course) getting to open gifts, eating cake and icecream, receiving royal treatment. On the morning of her birthday she got to put on her fancy "princess" dress, fancy "dancing" shoes, and a princess crown. Once dressed she delared "I"m a real polite princess!" Apparently this is her goal in life and at this age it is a noble goal that we are more than willing to help her achieve. She got the idea from a disney princess book (I guess disney isn't so bad after all) about being as polite as a princess.

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