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4th of July

Looking back at yesterday I have wonderful memories of the fun my little girl had. Unfortunately she was the only little kid among our group of 9 people, but she made the best of it. From being spun through the sprinkler to getting to put wet cold hands on the skin of adults to get a startled reaction to staying up late to watch fireworks. It was a day to remember for a child.

This morning she woke up and said that she didn't want to go to daycare, but alas, that isn't an option. I ask her why and she says she just wants to stay home. I ask her if she had too much fun yesterday and she says yes. We had a blast! We made hard boiled eggs for breakfast, after breakfast we painted, after painting we went out and played in the pool. Than we had lunch and nap and finally company arrives and while hanging out with adults isn't the most fun thing a kid can do, she had a great time anyway. She had a lot of fun once she realized we wouldn't get mad at her for putting her cold wet hands on our bare skin after dipping them into the pool, so this became a game that I think was enjoyed by all.

The sprinkler... what a wonderful toy! Get a sprinkler, a toddler, and an adult together and there is fun to be had. Being spun through the sprinker while an adult holds your hands and spins in circles must be an amazing experience.. or at least Hannah thinks so. As she is put on the ground wabbeling all over the place because she is dizzing and says with a great big grin "more!" For whatever reason, it is very hard to say no to that!

And don't forget the first experience with s'mores or at least the first one she can remember. Messy, yummy, goodness. It is like a giggle in ever bite. Hannah loved it! I asked her when she finished if she would ever turn down a s'more again and she quickly said "No". She was so messy I wish I had a picture of it.

With all of this fun, she still had enough energy to stay awake for fireworks. Notably more impressed with the ones that people were putting off that shot into the sky, but it is still fun to have our own little display in the driveway. Hannah was anxious for them to start and enjoyed them at first, but after a while it was time to play again. After all she was getting to play outside after dark.


I loved how she kept saying, "Is that a firework?" So cute!

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