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Birthday week

sigh.. half way through birthday week. I kid you not! We have had two celebrations so far for Hannah and we have one more coming. And to think I didn't plan any parties this year. :) Hannah has been having a great time (of course) getting to open gifts, eating cake and icecream, receiving royal treatment. On the morning of her birthday she got to put on her fancy "princess" dress, fancy "dancing" shoes, and a princess crown. Once dressed she delared "I"m a real polite princess!" Apparently this is her goal in life and at this age it is a noble goal that we are more than willing to help her achieve. She got the idea from a disney princess book (I guess disney isn't so bad after all) about being as polite as a princess.

We had Drew's side of the family come over for pizza and cake and gift opening. Hannah was so excited that she was going to get to eat her little girl cake (a doll stuck in a bowl shaped cake to make it look like the doll has a big poofy skirt). She patiently waited for pictures to be taken, candles to be lit, happy birthday to be sung (she joined in) and than blew out the candles before getting to eat cake. She had fun, especially singing happy birthday to herself :).

Than on to gifts. A ream of paper, markers, stickers, heavan to this child. And to top it all of a new chair with dora's face on it that she can sit at her little table with... perfect. Paper had to be opened, markers in the cup hold of the chair and the drawing begins while all of the adults watch and talk. Once tired she had grandpa Tom read to her for what probably seemed like forever.. Saying "more, more" everytime he stopped.

The next morning I got her up a little early (she wasn't sleeping well). Now it is her birthday.. she gets to watch TV and eat oatmeal. At daycare they celebrated with birthday hats and cupcakes, pictures were taken so that I wouldn't miss out on everything. That night back at home, more presents.. this time her first Barbie (art teacher barbie) and two little kids was her favorite gift.. the art teacher part was lost on her though. Barbie became mom of all her little Kelly sized dolls last night (I personally feel sorry for that barbie) and Hannah had a great time pretending that the little dolls needed to go to bed or eat their lunch.. there was some crying going on and the mom telling them what to do (she makes me out to be pretty good actually). :) No more cake for birthday night, instead we had apple crisp, we will have cake again at the end of the week when more family come to visit. We played around of Go Fish!, game that she just got, and it was time for bath and bed.

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