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Yesterday Hannah and I made the cupcakes for her birthday. We made strawberry cupcakes and after we started making them - the aroma of strawberries surrounding us - Hannah exclaims "I LOVE strawberries, mom." I smiled.

First, I pulled out an apron and chefs hat for Hannah. Something I bought a long time ago but hadn't given her until yesterday. Boy was she cute. Than we pulled out the muffin pan and the liners. Hannah got to pick the pink liners and put them in the pan. Than she helped me locate the ingredients in the kitchen.. she got a good chuckle out of that. I asked her where the eggs were and she said the store.. than I told her that we already bought them so where should they be in the house. I half expected her to run to her little kitchen and grab one from that.. but this is a smart little girl and instead she said "in the fridge" proudly and giggled. Than we needed to get the oil which I got since the bottle is little less than wonderful (sitting next to the stove) and than we needed water which she again proudly pointed to the fridge door. Next she got to put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and watch the mixer mix it all up and press the timer button. The fun came when she got to use the scoop to put the mix into the liners. She needed my help because her hands are still a bit small, but she had a great time.

Later in the evening, after bath and a cupcake with icecream, we headed outside for a bit. the lawn was freshly mowed and Hannah had a great time running around in it.. she found a small puddle (drew was washing the car) and splashed around a bit with a giant smile (I just couldn't be mad). She ran around the yard with Matty and when Matty decided that she had had enough she sat staring at the tree waiting for a squirrel..then Hannah walked over, put her arm around matty's "shoulders" and sat down next to her.. if only I had had the camera. What a pair. This was a first in the book of Hannah and Matty's relationship. Usually Hannah gets upset with Matty because of her wet noise or she will hit Hannah with her tail and Matty doens't usually stay close to Hannah in fear of what crazy thing Hannah might do. And here that both sit, calmly looking at the tree together. Of course than Matty comes over to me, lays down and I start rubbing her belly.. Hannah comes over to pet her as well and asks very nicely "can I touch her eye, please". I say no and Hannah says "why not?" to which I respond, "because it is real" and "you wouldn't want someone to touch your eye would you.. that would hurt". She agreed and didn't press the issue.

Tonight the story may continue when we frost the cupcakes.

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