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A big step

This morning was a big morning for Hannah. She decided that she wanted me to let her walk to her classroom by herself this morning. I drop her off at school each day and than walk her to her classroom where we say goodbye over and over again sometimes with tears. Earlier in the morning I had warned her that if she didn't go to school like a big girl that I wouldn't be able to walk her to her classroom anymore, my threat became her way of showing she is a big girl. After I said this her eyes brightened and she asked if I would do that this morning. Sure enough, we got to school and she still wanted to so she said her goodbyes in the hallway and went on her way checking a few times to see if I was still there. Once I was sure she was in her classroom I went down the hall to ask her teacher how it went. Her teacher was beaming as she told me that Hannah was very proud of herself for walking down the hall by herself. I'm so proud of her today, this is a big step for both of us!


That's so wonderful! She's getting so big... I'm proud of her, too :)

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