April 26, 2011


On our way home from school today my 6 year old started rubbing her hands together very quickly. Soon she says "Mommy, I'm making friction. When you rub two things together very fast they make friction." Of course I have to take this opportunity to find out exactly how much she knows about this subject so I ask, "What does friction create". She replies (without any hesitation) "Heat". I ask her where she learned about friction because I know she doesn't have science this week (they rotate through specialists at her school from one week to the next). She tells me that she learned about it in science class (a couple of weeks ago). I'm a very proud parent.

April 19, 2011

Our Song

This morning I decided to eat breakfast before leaving for work. Not something I always allow myself the time to do. After I finished eating my 6 year old comes to sit on my lap. I tell her I have to leave soon but not for a couple of minutes. So we cuddle for a little while. I ask her if she would like me to sing our song. We haven't sang it for a really long time and I'm wondering if I will remember how it goes. So I start, it's a lullaby that I made up when she was a baby. I always had a horrible time remembering the lyrics to actual lullabies and she loved having someone sing to her so I just started to make up my own, this one stuck. It's called "I love you more..." and goes something like this:

I love you more, I love you more..
I love you more than the sun
and more than the moon
I love you more than the stars
It's true, I do
I love you more than anything
in the whole wide world.

It has many verses and many more can be made. When I first made up the song I was very careful to make it about loving her more than nature. I guess because I didn't want it to be about people or animals and I love nature so much.. It was also a learning song, groups of three that go together. Sun, moon, and stars are in the sky; trees, flowers, and grass all grow from the ground; lakes, rivers, and seas all have water; etc.

Anyway, after I was finished singing the song ending with the words "it's true, I do." I get the sweetest little smile from my now 6 year old. She isn't the little baby I used to sing it to while dancing around the room to get her to go to sleep, but it will always be something that is just ours. Our song.

April 28, 2008


Drew and I were trying to think of what new outdoor summer thing we should get for Hannah this year. Something for her to get plenty of exercise and something that she will be able to do and enjoy for the rest of her life. We considered a "big girl" bike, a T ball set (that might still happen this year), among a few other things. What we chose were skates after Hannah started saying she wanted a pair.

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February 9, 2008

Little Artist

A lot can be learned from a child. Seeing the world through their eyes and attempting to answer their questions. Sometimes it is overwhelming and a struggle to have just the right answer. Sometimes it is impossible. Lately my little one manages to throw me for a loop constantly. What do you say when a kid asks you why someone is mean, or why we have to stay away from strangers? Or what to you tell your child when they inform you that they want to be an angel, right now! Some of these things take a bit of creativity and the ability to be on your toes! But than there are other times, wonderful times when I can sit back and enjoy watching and listening as she explores and discovers on her own.

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