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July 27, 2006

Adobe Racks up some Points

I just attended a two-hour Adobe Acrobat seminar, and although I didn’t win the free copy of Adobe Premier (my secret reason for going), I did manage to learn two awesome new things about Acrobat. And get a cookie. My other (not-so-)secret reason for going.

First, I finally understand the digital signature thing. You can send forms to someone and they can sign it and send it back and you don't need the Adobe Forms Server or whatever you used to need. You need to create your own digital signature, where you're basically swearing you're who you say you are. The instructor guy said that this was like printing your own credit cards and you should buy one from verisign for $19.95. I, however, don't think we have a big problem with forged identitites in the organization. We could just use a more convenient way to sign stuff. So I say create your own digital ID. You can do it under Advanced>Security Settings in Acrobat. Then, all you do is click the sign button on a document and it'll have your signature. You can even scan in your real john hancock (or a photo, gosh forbid) and Acrobat will use the gif. How cool is that?

The other thing I learned is of mixed usefulness. If you go to File>Document Settings>Security. Then select "password security." From there you can pick different things you want password protected. The niftiest part of this would be to NOT password protect viewing the document, but DO password protect printing the document. Hey, I told you it was of mixed usefulness. Some people want to put stuff online as a preview but want you to buy the print out. You can also set it up so you need a password to edit the document, which incidentally, is what all you profs should do to your online syllabae.

That's all for bloggy deliciousness today.