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Email Accounts revealed

I don't have too much insight on the inner workings of everybody's email programs. But I do know a couple tricks that come in handy once in a while.
Like say you keep getting a message warning you that your account is going to get auto archived. What did you do to deserve that little piece of bully email? Well you either haven't deleted anything from your inbox in a while, or some helpful person sent you a giant file attachment. I have decided to try to avoid auto archiving. I don't have a good reason for doing this, I am just not sure what it would be like to be auto archived and so would like it to not happen. Also, from what I hear, it is inconvenient. The trick is keeping your inbox (just your inbox, not all your folders) below 20M. How do you know how many MB your inbox is? You can go to the U's helpful email account web page: www.umn.edu/validate. Login and go to Show Current E-mail Storage Use. Here is what mine looks like:


Oops! I am over my 20MB limit. Why haven't I been auto-archived? Because they give you a warning and a little time to clean up your act beforehand. What can I do? Well delete or move some of my giant file attachments out of my inbox is the best way. As you can see above, I am only using 9.7% of my folder space. So I'll just cram everything into folders and forget about it. Perfect! Also I see that I have a personal web page taking up 24% of my web allocation. Huh. Didn't know I had that.
At this same address, www.umn.edu/validate, you can also go to Set E-mail Forwarding and Autoreply. This is useful for all you jetsetting types who need to leave responses on your email to say what exciting destination you are at now and how you won't be replying to anyone until you are darn tootin ready. The forwarding is useful if you happen to have another email address you'd rather use, like for example a county address.
So that's all I've got on useful email account workings. Good luck!