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August 16, 2007

Shutting off extra voicemail options...

Back when I went to school, it was -50 degrees, we only got underwear for Christmas, and we had no-frills voicemail. Voicemail that got the job done! Voicemail that didn't ask you if you wanted to leave a message (yes please) or a fax (no) or a fax with voice annotation* (NO!). There were two options: a) leave a message or b) don't.

The latest version of University voicemail isn't voicemail at all... It's a Unified Messaging System! What does that mean? It means that, among other features, you can call your voicemail and have a digitized voice read you your emails. Which is so handy. And time efficient, too!
Mine would sound something like this:

digitized voice: "is your p*n*s too small?"
me: delete
digitized voice: "want any v1agr@?"
me: delete!
digitized voice: "hot sorority girls?"
me: delete!
digitized voice: "web page meeting: be there or you're fired"
me: delete
me: wait--undelete! undelete!!

Anyway, my tip for this messaging system is that it would be better if we all shut off the extra options after our greeting. Because, if your callers are like me, they have forgotten who they are calling by the time they get to leave a message.

  1. Login to GopherMessaging here: http://go4msg.umn.edu/ Your username: 51234@um.umn.edu (where 51234 is your campus phone number) Your password: 51234! (where 51234 is your number) (this is the default, so will be different if you've used this before and changed it)
  2. click on "Options" on the left
  3. click on "Voice Mail" under Message Management
  4. Click on "Messages"
  5. uncheck the box beside "Play other system options after playing your greeting to the callers." Press Update button. This is also where you can select to play a timestamp before every message.

If you make that change to your settings, you've done your callers a good deed. If you figure out how to do it over the phone pad, let me know. I couldn't figure that out. Feel free to send me a voice annotated fax with the info.

*I picture "HERE IS THAT FAX I SAID I WOULD SEND YOU!" booming out over a loudspeaker on the fax machine. Again, very handy.