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October 14, 2009

Program Conference Wrap-Up

Well yay for Program Conference! Yay for 330 of you who attended!

Yay for it being OVER!

You are all Program Delivery people, you know what I mean. It was great and all, but, WHEW. I needed about a 3 day nap.

Relive the magic (and try finding yourself--always entertaining) in our conference pictures on flickr!

Also, some of you may find interesting the following evaluation results...

  • The most important reason for attending Program Conference for most of you is to network and meet with colleagues. 74% of respondents thought the conference was successful in achieving this.
  • The most valuable time at the conference was in Center-organized time (38%), followed by break-outs (26%).
  • The conference location (St. Paul) was popular, with 70% rating it as above average or excellent.
  • Respondents found Chris Farrell's talk interesting and relevant, while Michael Swanson's talk was perhaps a bit too ag-y.
  • The poster session is useful, a good networking time, and good for learning about projects that are new to you.
  • The awards lunch was also a popular part of the agenda, and interestingly, was strongly preferred over an awards dinner.
  • All tours were consistently ranked very interesting, with many comments to continue including this. Obviously with the rain and budget constraints, we didn't have ideal circumstances, so it is great so many people still found these tours valuable!
  • The technology tools break-out (Matthes, Jacobsen) was the session that stood above the rest on the eval.
If you planned or gave a session and would like that break-out or Center's specific eval data, just let me know and I will filter it out for you.

Thanks again for your attendance and enthusiasm about Program Conference! It was great to see so many familiar faces.

October 1, 2009

See you at Program Conference!

I can't believe Program Conference is already next week! Ready or not!

We're so looking forward to seeing all of you who can make it in St. Paul!