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New Conflict of Interest Policy

Mike Schmitt recently gave me a copy of the U's new draft of a Conflict of Interest policy. I eventually found it online and here's the link:


It is worth reading through, since it will affect every one of us. I found it very different from our previous policy, but not out of line with corporate policies. It will be quite a culture shift if this policy is adopted.

If you have feedback about this draft, you can always send them to Bev Durgan or Mike Schmitt, or any higher uppity up that you happen to know. There is also a form at the bottom of the policy, asking for feedback. I'm not sure where that goes though!


I left feedback on that form, asking for a response as to if that is how they preferred feedback. I got no response! So I would send your feedback to the person in charge of the review, Lynn Zentner, lzentner@umn.edu.