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Goals for a New Year

I spent a little time last week brainstorming some goals for my side of the PRU (resource creation) and I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE your feedback.

Strengthen New Employee Orientation (in conjunction with other units):
  • Online courses for new programmatic staff:
    • Grants curriculum (already have Grantsmanship Fundamentals)
    • Technology Use, University specific (in conjunction with IT)
    • Evaluation Basics
    • Presentation Skills (preparation, organization, powerpoint, audience)
    • Marketing your program

On-the-job opportunities

  • Mentorship program for new employees
  • Cross-capacity 'buddy' program
  • Grantwriting mentor program

'Fingertip' resources (job aids)

  • Is it a grant?
  • How to process a grant
  • Library Use
  • Disaster Response
  • How to create a product
Technology Awareness (in conjunction with OTU)

  • "Extension 2.0 and Beyond!" a new online course building on and updating Extension 2.0
    • Online surveys
    • Social bookmarking
    • Uses of social networking
    • Collaborating with Google tools
    • iTunes U and podcasting
Interpersonal/Personal skills (best delivery method???)

  • Time Management
  • Email Management
  • Team communication
  • Supervisory skills (in conjunction with HR)
  • Hiring and Interviewing
  • Developing clear expectations
  • Motivation
  • Long-distance supervision

Also Informal Communication via:

  • PRU blog
  • PRU podcast (an idea)


So what have you got for Email management? and time management?