July 28, 2010

Extension 2.0 and Beyond!

I am working on an exciting new curriculum entitled "Extension 2.0 and Beyond!" It is based on the popular online enrichment course Extension 2.0 with eight all new units. The course will be available to all Extension employees.

The units will cover:

  • Online Surveys
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Successful Uses of Social Media Tools
  • iTunes U and other a/v tools
  • Hands-on: Communicating via Technology
  • eNewsletters
Hopefully some of those units sound interesting to you. Maybe you already have opinions on some of those tools and their usefulness to you and your program, but join us all the same, because you will have a chance to "dive deep" as they say and see many examples, uses, and real-life how-to's.

Do you have any ideas for the course? These units are not set in stone and I am, as always, very excited to hear any feedback on the course and its content! We are shooting for a early 2011 launch. Also, in these tight budgetary times, I am a bit stumped as to a good incentive for completing the course. In the last Extension 2.0, most participants said they did not do it for the free MP3 player, but I think it is human nature to be more likely to finish something if there is an incentive, even if it is small. Any ideas on that are appreciated too!

June 25, 2009

Extension 2.0 Units Online

The Extension 2.0 blog is back in action. So if you want to walk through the materials on your own or just go back over something you read while taking the course, help yourself!

Extension 2.0 Curriculum

June 4, 2009

Extension 2.0 Poster at Quality Fair

Extension 2.0 was an idea featured at the U's annual Quality Fair! Here is the poster we presented and received a lot of feedback from: (and bonus--you can see my breakfast on the table too)

Extension 2.0 Quality Fair Poster